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Is Beijing Ready for 2022 Winter Olympics?

Here We Go Again: Beijing Bids for 2022 Winter Olympic Games. But, is Beijing really ready for 2022 Winter Olympics?

2022 Winter Olympics

Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics

Is Beijing ready for 2022 Winter Olympics?

Despite long odds, Beijing bids for 2022 Winter Olympics. Experts warn Beijing ‘may not be ready’ for 2022 Winter Olympics.

Beijing announced its bid for the 2022 Winter Olympics on Tuesday, hoping to become the first city to stage the Winter Games after playing host to the Summer.

Beijing’s chances could be affected by its infamous air pollution, but the Chinese capital can also start from here to make the air cleaner.

In a rare consensus among the public, media and officials, air pollution is seen as one of the top obstacles for Beijing to become the first ever Summer and Winter Olympic host.

Experts have warned that Beijing might not be ready for the 2022 Winter Olympics challenge, as the Chinese capital and the city of Zhangjiakou in Hebei province prepare to launch a joint bid to host it.

Indisputably, Chinese government tries to grasp every chance to host international competitions, as a way to demonstrate its muscles, which is epitomized by hosting the Olympic Games, and the World expo.

As an average Chinese from the intelligentsia, I have mixed feelings. On the one hand, I long for the demonstration of our national power. I feel proud of it, because I am Chinese. And on the other hand, hosting too many international competitions might give its people too many illusions. China now is a combination of being advanced and backward, with a great chasm between the rich and the poor, between the big cities and those poverty-stricken areas. We begin to think that we are powerful instead of being fat. Delusions will rule. What a terrible scenario!

As the china economy growing well, we need more and more foreigners to understand chinese, it’s a better chance to host some international competitions, especially the Olympic games. But I don’t think Beijing is the best city to host Winter Olympic Game in China. In my opinion, I choose Dalian city, Liaoning province. There are more snow and ice in Winter, and Dalian is a popular city, it has the potential to became a international big city!

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