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iPad's Name Event: Women Jeer at iPad with the Name iTampon

Apple’s marketing team overlooked the possibility that the name iPad would remind people of feminine products, and now people are mocking the name with”iTampon” to point out the marketing team’s stupidity.

Are there too many men in Apple’s marketing department?

That’s what droves of women on Twitter and other social sites are wondering as they consider the name of Steve Jobs’ new lust object, the iPad. The moniker comes uncomfortably close to those cheesy commercials touting the light ‘n breezy features of feminine hygiene products.

The mocking goes along the lines of: Yes, the iPad is small, lightweight and slim. But can you swim with it?

Don’t take our word for it.  Just take a look at Twitter, Tumblr or any number of other social blabbing sites and search #iTampon. It’s outpacing #iPad itself as one of the most popular topics.

Some are wondering whether the guys at Apple may have gotten their idea from an old MadTV spoof from 2006, which asks, “Why use the Maxi Pad when you can use the new iPad from Apple?” (Note before you watch: The video is on the raunchy side.) Messages to Apple were not immediately returned.

To get an idea of what people are saying, click on the Continue Reading link below. (Note: Some of the comments may not be viewed as tasteful, so read at your peril!)

We’ve sifted out the more offensive comments, but noted that most of the Twittering on this topic was by women. Here’s a sample:

@sarahk47: The iChastityBelt will come with a password instead of a key.

@mamamaryelle: I like how iPad is introduced on the day i get my period. #iTampon yeah i said it. Fail apple

@BruinGirl2001: Will the next version of the #ipad come w/wings? will there be a model called the #itampon?

@bbrikend: use your ipad, or #itampon when you have your #iperiod, girls

@ DontStealMyPen: Will women send their husbands to the Apple store to buy iPads?

@emily_mclain: Dear Apple: Have fun trying to control all the teasing you’re gonna get for the iPad name

@zombieshark: It makes me happy that #itampon is the top trending topic. I like knowing that we collectively as a people are twelve years old.

@LKeinicke: Wonder if Apple make a mistake calling it #iPad? Jokes keep flying, and #iTampon is now a trending topic

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