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Intimate Suggestions for Scotland Travel

Insider tips: Scotland tour. Scotland is an easy place to travel around and has a wealth of things to see, do, eat and drink. Before you go, though, it’s worth knowing a few essentials that will ensure a smooth trip.

Four seasons in one day is a much-heard expression and one that visitors should bear in mind when planning a trip. In general the further east you go the drier and colder it gets but it’s all so unpredictable that the best advice is prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

These tiny, biting flies unfortunately like to visit the west coast and highlands of Scotland at the same time as most visitors – in the summer. They’re particularly active at dusk so cover up as much as possible.

Scottish, British but definitely not English
If you hope to make friends with the locals don’t call them English. Like Canadians and Americans, the Scottish and English may share a border but the former don’t appreciate being mistaken for the latter. ‘British’ covers all the nationalities of Great Britain (English, Scottish and Welsh) and is an acceptable alternative.

To book or not to book
Weather and your inclinations might mean you improvise your plans. Out of high season this should not be a problem, but if you’re here in summer (June-August), and especially if you want to be in Edinburgh for the festival, book everything as far in advance as possible.

Glasgow or Edinburgh?
Both, obviously. Edinburgh’s the capital and has an air of refinement and self-importance that down-to-earth and bigger Glasgow can’t be bothered with. But each city offers so much to the visitor in terms of culture and nightlife that it would be a crime to pick one over the other.

And the rest of the country?
Scotland might look wee on a map but don’t try to cram in too much. Sure, you can travel from the northern tip to the English border in about seven hours but focusing on a specific area will give you a better insight into the country and a more relaxing holiday.

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