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Pour oil of interest onto the fire of mankinds wisdom

Many problems we are faced with today resulted actually from social causes. Poverty, crimes, corruption, environmental pollution, terrorist events, war…  all can find their sticking point from the society. In a sense, every criminal is guiltless,because it was chiefly the social causes that have pushed them into the abyss of disaster. Even those corrupt elements are not completely wrong themselves in committing the monstrous crimes, as the society lacks a sound supervision mechanism. If the supervision mechanism is sound,they might have behaved differently and have had a different fate. On the contrary,if the society does not establish and improve its inspection system,corruption may also “follow the normal rail”,going from bad to worse.

While crying up the magical power of science, we have to admit that this deity should not get out of the control of the society. That is to say,the great power of science must be managed and controlled by the society. In modern times, science dealt a fatal blow to God, “God has died”,however,the devil has come accordingly, too. For science is a double-edge sword. At first, the invention of the powder was only out of the need in production, but later it became a high-energy weapon for mankind’s fratricidal fighting, and thousands upon thousands of people lost their life under the power of it. Atomic energy was also a “masterpiece” dedicated to mankind by scientists, yet, since August 6 and 9, 1945 when two atomic bombs were thrown to Japan, mankind has always been living in the nightmare of nuclear terror. Of course, it is not the fault of science for all those tragedies. We should never have all kinds of prejudice against science just because of those phenomena, like some people who attributed environmental pollution, ecological damage, war terror and all such bad things to science. What caused all those? Who should be blamed for letting the Devil open the box of Pandora? It is the society! Just because the society, this deity, is “dozing off”,and fails to give play to its adjusting and controlling role!

In the writing by Zhuangzi, a technique called “Buguishou drug” could be used to raise the efficiency of clothes washing in winter, and could also be used to decide the victory or defeat of a war or the survival or death of a nation! In a time characterized by numerous breakthroughs appearing with each passing day in science and technology, whether all kinds of technology can be used for great matters or small matters, for good purposes or evil purposes, just depend on the society’s control, and the society is shouldering a much greater responsibility now. Only by making the best use of the deity of society, only by greatly enhancing, opening up and utilizing the great power of the society, can we prevent science from becoming a Devil,can we boost the development of science more effectively, and can we maximize the huge power of science so as to maximize the benefit brought about by science to mankind!

However, we have done little in calling forth the social power. The divine power of the society is still very incommensurate with the divine power of science, and the potentials in the society now are much greater than that in science. We still have a long way to go before building up a perfect and ideal society.

In my opinion, social power is decided jointly by the following eight major factors: the quality of the members of the society, the level of the leadership of the society, the size of the society, the vitality of the society, the degree of unity of the society, the degree of harmony of the society, the degree of rationality of the society, and the level of civilization of the society. Judging from the eight major factors, there are limitlessly huge potentialities in our society.

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