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Intelligence Pooling is More Important than Fund Pooling

From ancient till now, any great accomplishment must depend on intelligence pooling. In the period of Three Kingdoms of China (220-280 AD), all the three kings, Cao Cao, Liu Bei and Sun Quan, knew this truth.

Cao Cao‘s maxim is “I use the wisdom of the world, guided by Dao (the Way or Law of the universe), so I am bound to triumph everywhere”Liu Bei’s maxim is “Anyone who wishes to achieve something great must take human as the core”. Taking human as the core just means taking wisdom as the core. Liu Bei visited the cottage thrice in succession to ask Zhuge Liang to help him conquer the world, and when he got him at last, he felt “like a fish that has got water”Sun Quan’s maxim is “If you can use the forces of the people, you will be invincible under the sunIf you can use the wisdom of the people, you will have no need to fear saints”. 

The times have changed, and the battleground has changed, too, but what remains unchanged forever is the contending for brain power. The three major multinational magnates have already come to our home to contend for wisdom. Microsoft has spread its net to Zhongguancun Village of Beijing, setting up its China-based Academy and planning to invest 80 million US dollars in the academy within six years. Intel has regarded China as its own “new brain”establishing the China-based Intel Laboratory to exploit the global market in China. Bell Laboratory‘s CEO said, “We have chosen Beijing as our head office besides America”borrowing China’ brain directly. 

In the futurehigh technology will become the most crucial production factor in economical development. Life economy is a high-tech economy, and is also a high-intelligence economy. Hencethe position of intelligence pooling is higher than any economy, and intelligence pooling is playing a greater decisive role in project breakthrough and enterprise development. Since intelligence pooling has molten a lot of most clever brains togetherwhat can not be accomplished? Moreover, in fund pooling, we must also do intelligence pooling first. Only with highly intelligent personnel can we expand our financing channels betterexpand the total amount of fund pooling and raise the efficiency of fund pooling further.

In the decision making of many venture investors, they chiefly check whether you have a high- intelligence team. “So long as I have done fund pooling, I can get intelligence: with money, what can I not buy?” There are many people holding such an idea. As the saying goes, “He who has wealth speaks louder than others”. Of course, fund holding may contribute a great deal to intelligence pooling. Without money, it will be hard to hold any wise persons.

Howeverin comparison with “fund”, “intelligence” has its own characteristicsso, “intelligence buying” does not equal to “intelligence pooling”!

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