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Individualization-oriented Transformation for Mankind to Become Immortals

Immortals never follow the same pattern, and are never made out of one mold. In becoming immortals, what we pursue is to highlight the individuality, reaching the summit of personal wisdom and creativity.

Esteeming individuality is the same as esteeming the congenital, and by combining the postnatal with the congenital organically, we may make “the gifted flower bloom”. If we want to train Edison Chen Jingrun into an outstanding diplomat,or train Jourdan into a gifted mathematician,it will be as hard as climbing Heaven. The 20-year-old Zhouzhou was a mentally retarded child. He could not read and write, could not do addition and subtraction within 10, and could not distinguish between a square and a round, only having the intelligence of a 3-or-4-year-old child. But he could work as a conductor for Dworschak’s famous music “From the New World”, and his understanding of music shocked all people.

According to the “multiple intelligence theory”,any person has his own advantageous intelligence and disadvantageous intelligence. Everyone is both a fool and a genius. Without individualized education,we may turn many genius prodigies into mediocre persons;With individualized education,we may turn everyone into a genius prodigy.

The development trend of future education is a greater and greater emphasis on individualized learning,and the slogan is: “The best course is to let each student have a course of his own.” Not only everyone will have his own course (learning contents),but also everyone will have his own rate of progress, and his own learning style. Thus, there will be different knowledge structures, power structures and quality structures established by different methods and different rates of progress. It is basically the same as the theory “Teach according to the student’s ability” put forward by the Chinese saint Confucius more than two thousand years ago. Such a perfect education ideal could not be realized in the feudal society, and nor could it be realized in the industrial society, but in the information society, by dint of information technology, we shall be able to realize it.

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