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Huizhou Transit Roadway broke ground yesterday

Iflove News Agency: Huizhou Transit Roadway broke ground yesterday. Lu Ruihua, Lihongzhong met Wang Jun, the president of China International Trust & Investment Corporation (CITIC); high-rank officials of CITIC and municipal leaders  attended the launching ceremony; over one billion yuan has been invested  in the project, which is to be completed in three years.

The launching ceremony of Huizhou Transit Roadway Project was held at Jiangbei  Sanxin yesterday morning, which was the first good news for Huizhou citizens in this new year.

Over 500 people including President Wang Jun, vice general manager Dou Jianzhong, Li Shiling and Zhao Jingwen of CITIC, general manager Guo Zhirong  of CITIC Shenzhen, high-rank officials in the two companies, municipal leaders Tian Yeru, Liu Jinzhou, Tang Pinhui, distinguished guests in all circles from Beijing, Hongkong, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and journalists attended the ceremony.

Wang Jun delivered the opening speech at the ceremony. He first congratulated on the smooth launch of Huizhou Transit Roadway project and said it was the first large infrastructure project that CITIC Shenzhen sponsored, in response to Central government’s policy of expanding domestic market and improving infrastructure construction. He also indicated that CITIC has always been devoted to keeping a good cooperative relation with Huizhou and believed that the construction projects invested in Huizhou are bound to have a bright prospect.

Liu Jinzhou, the mayor and vice secretary of Huizhou committee of CPC also delivered an address at the ceremony. He said Huizhou was the important hub of transportation in East Canton area but with the rapid development of economy, more and more transit traffic put great pressure on the artery of the city. In fact, the building of a wide, safe, comfortable, and high-speed transit roadway, which may avoid the interference with the major roads inside the city, was listed on the urban development program as early as several years ago.  CITIC made an offer in time and decided to invest one billion yuan in the construction of Huizhou Transit Roadway and the Fourth Dongjiang Bridge and signed the contract of investment framework with Hui Zhou Municipal government on 23 July, 2001. When the project is completed, it will become the transit artery passed by National Highway 205 and 324 and greatly relieve the traffic pressure in the city. Meanwhile, its completion will plat an significant role in promoting the level of the urban roadway network, improving the highway network in Zhujiang Delta and pushing regional economic development.

Liu Jinzhou also said, “we wish the launch of the transit roadway construction project is only the beginning step of CITIC’s investment plan in promoting Huizhou’s economic development and more cooperation projects are expected in the future.  The investment and consruction plan of Huizhou’s economic and social development from other enterprises, companies and groups are also welcomed. Under the spirit of ‘making investors rich, helping Huizhou develop’, we would like to contribute to Huizhou’s bright future together with investors.”

According to the project, Huizhou Transit Roadway starts at Gutang’ao, joining national highway 205, passes eastwards Henan’an town and Lake Jinshen, joining Hui’ao Highway, and then runs northwards to Dahuxi, joining national highway 324, passes Shuikou Town and crosses the fourth Dongjiang bridge, from which the main line goes northwards, passing Wushi, to the destination Yewu at Xiaojinkou town, joining national highway 205, while the tributary line moves westwards, passing Wushi, Sanxin and crossing national highway 324, to the destination Lake Mu, joining Huibo Road. The transit road is 26 kilometers long and adopts the first-grade highway design with a driving speed of 60 kilometers/hour. The total investment of the project reaches RMB 1000,000,000, among which 90% is contributed by CITIC Shenzhen and 10% is invested by Huizhou Road and Bridge Company. The whole project is to be completed in three years.

The vice mayor Lin Huichun hosted the launching ceremony and the general manager Guo Zhirong of CITIC Shenzhen delivered a speech.

After the ceremony, the rumbling of machinery was resounding at the building site. Editing by Eddie Charles

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