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How to Learn Japanese Language Fast? Tips to Learn to speak Japanese language Free Online

How to Learn Japanese Language Fast? Why should we learn Japanese? Today I’ll show you some important Tips on How to Learn the Japanese Language Fast.

Seeing the increasing amount of interest to learn Japanese, we have felt the urge providing you with some tips on how to proceed . Many are planning holiday to Japan added to the benefits of mastering a second language. That all aside we would all like to learn a language as fast as possible.

How to Learn Japanese Language Fast?

Actually the best way to learn Japanese is to go to Japan, become immersed in the language and culture, and either sink or swim. Great idea…if you can do it. These tips are for the rest of us.

1. Do not procrastinate. Once you set a time-plan and resources, stick to it for at least a month. Then evaluate your progress and make modifications on your following month if needed. maybe within that month you have learned what you intended to.

2. Listen to Japanese Language CDs everyday on your way to work!

Get as many Japanese Language CDs as you can and listen to them all the time. “But I’m too busy!” say most people, and I quite sympathise! That’s why I’d recommend listening to them on your way to work or school, either in the car or on an mp3 player. Get into the routine and you soon see how much has sunk in.

The trick is to get several different CDs from several different places. That way you get all the basic phrases many times, but presented in a different way. If you’re in the car, repeating along is great, but obviously don’t do this if you take the subway to work!

Despite the fact that Japanese is a language that is getting more exposure, thanks to the popular Japanese exports such as sushi, Manga comic books and Anime, Japanese is still not a language that has an abundance of eager students. The individual who embarks on the quest to learn Japanese is often more aware of the wide chasm of difference between English and Japanese. And this Debbie Downer attitude (a.k.a. negative attitude) makes the road of ascent to Japanese seem long, arduous and at times, unattainable. When you ask yourself, “Can I learn Japanese?” Here is some food for thought to nourish you, keep your mind positive and quell your “Debbie Downer” to make your days happier as you learn to speak Japanese.

3) Learn to read the Katakana alphabet

You probably know that Japanese is made difficult because of all the characters. Well, don’t worry too much there are some short cuts! One is to just learn the Katakana alphabet. This is the one that is used for writing foreign words and also lots of foods. For example, if you can tell that reads as “me nyu” or reads as “a me ri ka” you can probably figure out they mean “menu” and “America”.

It takes an afternoon to learn katakana (yes that’s all!!), you just have to set the time aside and just plough your way through the 46 symbols. If you don’t get everything the first day, try it again, just set aside a good 3 or 4 hours and you’ll have it cracked.

To get the pronunciation right, I’ve put up on the site a talking katakana page, it’s not too difficult. There are also online talking games and a card you can print out with the characters. So first drill all the sounds into your head with the talking page, then cut out the symbols on the printed card and test yourself. Not the most fun activity in the world, but if it means you can read menus and your name it’s well worth it!

4. Watch plenty of cartoons, movies, dramas and listen/sing to plenty of music but do not do only this!

Japanese has increased in popularity with young adults overseas thanks to anime, manga (comics), and Japanese rock and pop music. Many fans want to read and understand without waiting for official translations, so they take on the task of translating manga or lyrics word-by-word.

Although this is a really smashing way to learn to slang and challenging grammar patterns, it teaches you a vocabulary that is essentially useless in everyday speech. You may be able to rattle off the words for heartbeat, overflowing, embrace, tears, eternity, unforgivable, and swallowtail butterfly, but you will be in a world of trouble when you’re stuck in Tokyo without knowing bank, staircase, airport, train line, turn, left, right and post-office.

5. Do practice singing in Japanese and following along with lyrics.

Following lyrics will help you recognize kana and kanji, increase your reading speeds and, of course, teach you how Japanese should really sound. This is also important because in Japan, karaoke is basically the unofficial national sport. Japanese people love when foreigners can belt out their songs (the older it is, the louder they’ll react) so get your practice in early. Karaoke groups are also a great way to make friends, which leads me to the next thing…

6. Learn tongue twisters and sound effects.

Not only do tongue twisters force you to look at Japanese in new ways, they are also instant conversation starters. Unlike in English, where sound effects are only found in comic books and cartoons, Japanese sound effects are part of daily speech and your speech sound more natural if you learn them. Peko peko is how the Japanese describe a stomach growling, and adding desu (is/am) on the end turns the phrase into “I’m hungry.” Did you know that there are at least four ways of describing the sound of rain in Japanese? They even have a sound to describe silence. Fun fact: The Japanese word for “tongue twister” is hayakuchi kotoba which means “fastmouth word(s).”

OK now, have you learn how to learn Japanese language fast?

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