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How to Learn Chinese Kung Fu or Shaolin Kungfu for Free Online

Learn Chinese Kung Fu or Shaolin Kungfu Styles: This tutorial offers Instructions for new freshers to learn Chinese Kung Fu or Shaolin Kungfu for free online. It is not hard to take free online Kung Fu lessons. Just do as what the author tells you. let’s begin.

Abstract: Commonly referred to as the primary synthesis of Chinese combat forms, Shaolin Kung Fu introduces students to a wide variety of traditional fighting techniques. Dating back to the 5th century, the Shaolin Temple acted as a training headquarters for monks and general martial arts practitioners. Culminating in a total of ten entirely separate fighting genres, each with their specific master, and including animal forms such as crane, tiger, and mantis- it was only in the 19th century that the first Shaolin Grandmaster would master the techniques of all schools. While the modern martial artist has many opportunities to begin training in Shaolin Kung Fu, the best method remains a steady practice under the tutelage of an accomplished master. That being said, with some creativity and strong will, there remain many options for the aspiring practioner on a budget.

Difficulty: Moderate

Instructions for new freshers to learn Chinese Kung Fu or Shaolin Kungfu for free online

Things You’ll Need:
Room for exercise
Sparring gloves and shoes

Step 1 for You to Learn Chinese Kung Fu or Shaolin Kungfu

Check the Yellow pages in your area for a list of martial arts academies and call local sifus in your area. Though authentic Shaolin instructors who offer advancement in traditional forms are uncommon, nothing can replace the presence of a live instructor continually correcting you while you practice. For American sifus taught directly from the third Grandmaster of the Shaolin Temple, Grandmaster Sin Kwang, visit for a list of schools. Contact a local sifu in your area and discuss if they offer any alternative payment plans involving barter or skill-share. This surprisingly common method allows for the student to receive live martial arts instruction for exchange of their work or skills (carpentry or baby-sitting are options). An even less costly option is to consult local directories such as Craig’s List or the classified sections of newspapers to search for practicing martial arts groups. These can meet once or month, or weekly, most often in public parks, and can provide a cost-effective way to develop your Kung Fu abilities.

Step 2 for You to Learn Chinese Kung Fu or Shaolin Kungfu

Perform a Google search for free Shaolin Kung Fu eBooks written by martial arts professionals. While you will have to navigate a tremendous amount of promotional material and marketing advertisements, it is possible to find free training manuals Online, such as the one provided by Rob LaPointe’s Online Kung Fu Instruction. A quick search can often provide a number of options when it comes to free articles and eBooks detailing self-taught methods for Shaolin instruction. Some, if not most of these, will attempt to sell you full Online packages, which you can generally choose to ignore. Reading Internet articles and commentary will help instruct you on the practice and application of the various strikes, blocks, and postures of Shaolin Kung Fu, and can enhance your training with the professional insight of a dedicated and accomplished martial artist.

Step 3 to Teach You to Learn Chinese Kung Fu or Shaolin Kungfu

Find martial arts tutorials on YouTube and other video websites (a simple Google search for “free Kung Fu video” will provide plenty of results). With these you can set up your computer in a room or exercise space in order safely replicate and practice the material shown on the video. A functional set-up will provide room to engage in stretching, striking, as well as freedom to enter stances while being guided by your video sifu. Perhaps the closest supplement to having a real instructor, this free training method offers the invaluable benefits of pausing and rewinding as you go, in order to train at your own pace. Accessing Internet videos and tutorials can detail exactly what certain postures should look like in their complete form, as well as provide the specific motions for individual punches, kicks, and blocks.

Step 4 to Teach You to Learn Chinese Kung Fu or Shaolin Kungfu

Convince a sparring partner to join you with your Shaolin Training. This provides a great opportunity to test out the strikes, blocks, and stances you learned from the Online videos. Easily the most beneficial and educational segment of a free martial arts training, the practice of utilizing live combat and sparring enables you to apply your new Shaolin techniques in practical combat, and make tangible connections with the material you’ve learned so far in theory. Note: before sparring it is vitally important that you initiate communication between you and your partner, in order to establish safety measures and designate available offensive targets. As always when it comes to full-contact fighting practice, you should purchase a set of sparring gloves and shoes so as to both soften your blows and protect the joints in your ankles and fingers.

Tips & Warnings for Kung Fu Lovers

Just tips, actually. For more information, including some top-notch expert training, take a look at “Best Kung Fu Secrets“: the life-saving advice of an ex-con on combat training. Also, “Learn Chinese Kung Fu and Challenge Jachie Chan“—- a resource for martial arts professionals.

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