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How to stop nose running

A runny nose often occurs because of allergies or the common cold. Regardless of its cause, you can take steps to fix your runny nose.

With gentle care, you should be able to effectively fix your runny nose.

Step 1 Take cold medication . If your runny nose is due to a cold, cold medication will help to dry up your mucus, thereby fixing your runny nose. Follow your specific cold medication’s instructions regarding frequency of dosage. You can find cold medications available over the counter at most drug stores.

Step 2 Try allergy medications. If your runny nose is due to allergies, choose a medication that contains anti-histamines that counteract allergy symptoms. Most allergy medications are available over the counter at drug stores and pharmacies.

Step 3 Place a humidifier in your bedroom. Humidifiers moisten the air, helping to thin mucus and drain your runny nose. Since dry air worsens a runny nose, humidifiers make for effective treatments.

Step 4 Use nasal spray. Runny noses are accompanied by swollen nasal tissue. Since nasal sprays decrease this swelling, you’ll experience an improvement in your runny nose. Do not use nasal sprays for longer than a few days. If used for longer, nasal sprays can irritate your nasal tissue and worsen your runny nose.

Step 5 Chew ginger root. As you chew, the root will release juices that you should then swallow. Ginger root helps to reduce mucus and encourage circulation. Repeat this treatment three to five times daily to fix your runny nose.

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