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High technology originates from high intelligence or high brain power

High technology originates from people’s high intelligence or high brain power.

By the greatest and all-inclusive investment to exploit the intelligence and trigger an intelligence revolution or “intelligence explosion”,we may trigger a “science explosion”! We shall utilize all forces, as is mentioned later, to do the “three optimizations”, optimization of birth through technology, optimization of body through technology and optimization of education through technology, to open up the magical and superhuman brain power, and meanwhile,turn the computer network into an intelligent network,so as to unite all the human intelligence together. And,we shall go all out to develop the AI (Artificial Intelligence),the IA (Intelligence Amplification), and the man-machine integration system and global intelligence integration total system,so as to cause the intelligence of uncountable great minds, the intelligence of uncountable magical machines, the compound intelligence of uncountable man-machine systems, the intelligence of uncountable expert systems and the network integrated intelligence to interact with each other, which may lead to a chained fusion effect, trigger an intelligence explosion, hereby resulting in a science explosion: That will be an amazingly fast development of science like an explosion!

Thus it can be seen,how amazing the great power of science and its huge potentials are! By dint of the boundless power of science, we shall certainly be able to turn the dream of eternal life and daylong ecstasy into reality. So long as we rely on science, use science and develop science,our great dream to become immortals together will come true step by step for certain. Hence,science is our first deity.

The high wind of science blowing to our faces is causing earth-shaking changes in the whole world, so, it is easy for people to sense the great power of science, but people often under-estimate the great power of social forces, and even have no awareness of it. Science is a deity,and the society is a deity, too. The undertaking of mankind’s becoming immortals together should both depend on the deity of science and depend on the deity of society.

The ancient sage Xunzi said: “Human power is not as great as the ox, and a human cannot walk as fast as the horse, but we can use oxen and horses to serve us. Why? The answer:People can group,but the other two things cannot.” “People can group”,i.e. people can form a society.

 The society is a collective body of many individuals. It may organize and take together the power of many people, which may not only result in a quantitative additive effect, but also lead to a multiplier effect of 1+1>2, 2+2>8 and so on. In an ideal society formed by 1 billion people, its power is never merely the 1 billion times, or 10 billion times or 100 billion times or 1000 billion times of the individual. In comparison with the isolated individual power of 1 billion people, it is different in nature: as different as between sky and sea! If we take the society as a person, or an organism,then, the individual is just one cell of the organism. If the cell leaves its human body,it will separate from the nutrition,so, what awaits it will only be death. When a person leaves the society,he (she) will have no means to survive or develop. Bill Gates possesses the most wealth in the world, and has a gifted brain. That is so powerful! But,if you throw him onto a detached island, let him be Robinson, his power will disappear immediately. Suppose every one of the 6 billion people of the world stays on a detached island, never in contact with each other, the whole world will not be like the world now, human civilization will never appear, and no science or technology will appear.

The great social power includes its cultural power, economic power, political power, system power, power of laws and regulations, policy power and so on. Now we only take the system power and policy power for example to consider the matter.

On the gate of USA National Patent Bureau is engraved a saying by Lincoln: “Pour the oil of interest onto the fire of mankind’s wisdom”. The patent system embodies a high respect and reward of man’s wisdom; thus, it has greatly helped the fire of man’s wisdom to burn better, more strongly and faster. Why did the new economy originate from USA instead of Britain or Japan? One important cause is that American capitalism has adopted the stock equity system. Only because of such a system did the sleepless people of Silicon Valley appear and did the world-famous Silicon Valley miracle appear. And, in order to follow the American new economy, the European nations and Japan also began to abandon the traditional “banker capitalism”.

In China, because of a wrong criticism to Ma Yinchu (scholar on population theory), we had an increase of 0.3 billion people! Later, because of a change in policy,we reduced the birth by 0.3 billion people! In the same nation,with the same people,the change from a terrible explosion to an effective control in population was just because of a policy. The earthshaking changes happening in the 20 years since the reform and opening in China have also chiefly resulted from the reform of the society. Then, in reflective thinking on the reason why the great China became so backward in recent times, we may also find the answer from the social system. We ought to ask ourselves carefully: “Not ask why Chinese did not invent the steam engine,but ask why we did not make the Patent Law,why we did not progress from the enterprise partnership system to the joint-stock company, why we did not develop the private money shop into the modern bank…” The system power alone has such a great effect on the nation’s fate and mankind’s fate, so, we should never underrate the magical power of the society!

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