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High School Students Light Cigarettes with Bank Bills

Chinese high school boys light the best light cigarettes with bank bills. Yet another bank cash ‘Showing Off Wealth Cigarette Lighting Gate Scandal’on Chinese internet!

Cigarette Lighting Gate Scandal Photo

Cigarette Lighting Gate Scandal Photo

High School Student and Bank bill in Cigarette lighting Gate Scandal

A new group photos of the “cigarette lighting Gate Scandal” for showing off richness came out in 2010.

In the group photos, the young men in two and three hold the bank note to light the best light cigarettes with cynicism. People had expressed their strong dissatisfaction and blame on these school boys.

New cash “Cigarette Lighting Gate Scandal” appears on China’s internet once again. Earlier last year, cash “Cigarette Lighting Gate” had already wildly spread on the internet. On 2010 March 15, Consumer Rights Day, the photographs Chinese netizens posted were a new “Showing Off Wealth Cigarette Lighting Gate Scandal”.

Is it a stunt or a psychological problem? Seen in this group of photographs are two to three high school students, holding cash notes in their hands, frivolously lighting them on fire. Chinese netizens speculated, are these human scum post-80s generation or post-90s generation, with most China netizens believing them to be post-90s generation, the China netizens expressing strong dislike and criticism towards these high school students.


最受争议的”90后”——钞票点烟的女生。本周中新网热门人物之——用百元人民币点烟的90后女生: 6月26日,华龙网两江论坛一则《90后女生如此对待RMB》的帖子,引起网友的极大关注。该网友曝一位90后的女生,用百元人民币点烟,除此之外,还在人民币上画各种稀奇古怪的图片等等。不少网友跟帖痛批该女生是社会垃圾。

关于90后文化详解:“60后”“70后”“80后”乃至“90后”,在不断文明迈进的社会中被割裂成了时代生人的代名词,更成为网络时代按照年龄划分的“小众”势力范围。各“后”之间以自己的时代为中心划圆,相互戒备甚至有时相互敌视——从“60后”之“不与‘70后’交朋友”,并称“70后”为“迷惘的一代”;到“70后”称“80后”为“新新人类”是“颓废的一代 ”……一代一代就这样传承着对时代变迁的迷惘,也传递着相互之间的不解与误解——这是时代发展的印记,是必然的社会进程。



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