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Harem Elegance Scandal: Hot Chinese School Fancy Girl

The so-called Hot Chinese Hypochondriacal Girl Elegance Gate Scandal refers to a school fancy girl named Harem Elegance Girl and her various awkward words which came out on the micro blog of Sina website recently.

Harem Girl Elegance Scandal Photo

Harem Girl Elegance Scandal Photo

Harem Elegance Scandal: Hot Chinese Hypochondriacal Girl

In her micro blog, the school fancy girl claimed that she owned a private aircraft, and Yao Ming (姚明), Chinese basketball superstar asked her to handle the procedures of his immigration to Singapore. She stated that she sent a car to her boyfriend Zhang Jie as a gift. She said she casted Chanel No.5, band of the prefume used by Li Yuchun (李宇春, 春哥). She even asserted that she played golf together with Li Yapeng (a Chinese actor who is Faye Wong’s husband) in weekend and Faye Wong could not do anything. Hype, ehh?

The daily life of Harem Elegance Girl was closely related with many entertaimment popular star and the private life of artists exposed by her were in detail. However, the netizen did not agree with “Haren Elegance” and even some one called her as “thunder mother”

Nowdays, Network gives birth to popular star and then our rationality lose to ridiculous haren elegance girl again. She must be a hot girl born in 1990s. It maybe another “self-ignorance, self-delight” during the promotion of micro-blog of Sina as same as the eailer incident of stars who replied comments to flatter herself when Sina blog upgraded its system.

后宫优雅门女子 自吹自擂脸不红心不跳


后宫优雅博客中的那个女孩真名叫什么啊?米雪小公主好像是?她天天写的围脖说自己和这个明星是朋友 和那个明星是好姐妹 还和张杰谈恋爱 阿凡达也是他爸出资拍的。此人就是患有严重臆想症,可怜的女孩,本来挺漂亮的!

揭秘后宫优雅真实身份曝光简历。所谓的“优雅门”指的是在新浪微博上出现的一位网名为“后宫优雅”的女子的种种囧言囧语。在微博中,“优雅女”自称拥有私家飞机;俞灏明想移民新加坡,还拜托“后宫优雅”办移民手续;称张杰是她的男友“杰宝”,并送车给他;李宇春用的香水其实是Chanel No.5;周末跟李亚鹏一起打高尔夫,王菲复出多半是炒作……“后宫优雅”平日的生活与不少娱乐圈红人息息相关。她曝光的艺人私生活可谓事无巨细,比“舞美师”、“华谊小员工”更加有料。不过,网友对“后宫优雅”却并不买账,甚至有网友封其为“雷公电母”。



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