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Great revolution in future salary system

Judging from the macro aspect,unemployment is often a structural unemployment. While people are complaining about saturation of posts, many things in dire need to be done are not done by anyone. According to statistics,in the seven big cities of China, the vacant posts for house upkeep and mending workers, hour-workers and home tutors alone are nearly 1 million. This fact alone may offer jobs to millions of people in the country! Of course, there are many other trades with vacant posts, especially those newly arising trades and high technology trades.

Moreover,there might be a very great revolution in the future salary system, that is, people will not get a monthly salary or yearly salary,but get an “achievement salary”. Nobody will need to work for one institution forever, and anyone can sell his own “achievement” to anyone, any enterprise or any institution. Everyone’s working place, working hours and working mode will be personalized, individualized, free and flexible, without any constraint, that is, so long as you can provide achievement, it will do. This measure will also broaden employment channels greatly.

In solving of the unemployment problem,we may also give play to the power of policies,and go all out to encourage people to create new jobs. Take USA for example,in 1950, it set up 93,000 new enterprises, and by the 1980’s,it could set up 600,000 new enterprise every year;Of all the new job opportunities, 2/3 are offered by minor enterprises that employ no more than 20 persons. In Britain,the required registered capital for setting up a company is only 1 pound, and it is basically zero in USA, Australia and some other countries. The condition of our country has much improved, in comparison to the complicated approval system characterized by numerous levels of examination and many barriers in the past. However, if we further reform to reduce the registered capital requirement to 1 Yuan RMB, it will make enterprise establishing much easier, which will certainly encourage many people to join the rank of self-employment. This policy alone may bring about a great solution to the unemployment problem. Thus, it is obvious that there are great potentials in the policy aspect for solution of the unemployment problem.

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