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Great indeed is issue of life and death

From of old,mankind has repeated the same fate for thousands upon thousands and millions upon millions of times. Fresh lives have turned to bones of the dead one after another. All thinkers, philosophers, statesmen, scientists, entrepreneurs, artists… No matter how great they were,none could escape from such a tragedy. It reminds me of the deploring of Wang Xizhi, the great calligrapher of the Jin Dynasty of China, in his “Preface of Collection of Writings at the Orchid Pavilion”: “Great indeed is the issue of life and death. Ah! How sad it is!” Whenever I think here,I can find no expression for the grief in my heart.

Nevertheless,as far as the man in the street is concerned, life and death has become a common sense and they take it for granted.

People often turn a blind eye to what is taken for granted, even if it is absolutely important. Just like the air, people have taken the air for granted so they often forget it. People have taken the short life for granted, so they often forget to think about life.
Everything in the world goes around life, and everything in the world originates from life. Mr. Lin Yutang (a famous scholar) said: “Science is nothing more than the curiosity about life, religion is the veneration of life, literature is the praise and deploring of life, art is the appreciation of life… ” If we make a philosophical thinking on life, we will find the triple absoluteness of life:absolutely essential, absolutely once, and absolutely precious.

When the shadow of Azrael is approaching, anybody,in a sudden retrospect, will find suddenly what he (she) has been striving for in all his life should be worthless, and only the life that can never be recovered is so worth treasuring!

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