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Great Imperial Park: The Ruins of Yuanmingyuan

Yuanmingyuan was a large imperial park. It was actually three separate parks: Yuanmingyuan (Park of Perfection and Brightness), Wanchunyuan (Park of Ten Thousand Springs) and Changchunuan (Park of Everlasting Spring), circling around the lake of Fuhai (Sea of Bliss).

Its construction started in 1709 and took 150 years to complete. The Qing Dynasty assembled the best building materials and employed legions of skilled builders who dug lakes, made hills and planted rare trees and flowers, constructing 40 scenic spots and 145 large buildings.

Unfortunately, in 1860 the Anglo-French joint forces invaded Beijing, looted all the treasures in the park and set fire to it, thus reducing this famous creation to smoldering ruins. In 1900 the allied forces of the Eight Powers invaded Beijing and sacked the remaining buildings in the park. Today, the ruins of Yuanmingyuan are restored and it has become a place for people to visit and ponder on the past.


Le rovine di Yuanmingyuan (il Palazzo d’inverno)

Yuanmingyuan è il nome generale dei tre parchi: Yuanming, Wanchun e Changchun, che circondano il mare di felicità. La costruzione durava 150 anni da 1709. La dinastia Ching ha fatto tutto il possibile a scavare il lago, ammassare il monte, piantare i pianti, accumulando 40 paesaggi interessi interni e esteri, e 145 posti di architerrure grandiose. Questo capolavoro fu rapinato e bruciato da esercito unito anglo-francese e esercito unito di otto paesi. Ora, dopo la ricostruzione, Yuanmingyuan è diventato il luogo per condolersi visitare.

Les vestiges du Yuanmingyuan

Le Yuanmingyuan, entourant la Mer du Bonheur (Fuhai) était un ensemble de 3 jardins qui sont le Jardin de Perfection et de Clarté (Yuanmingyuan), le Jardin du Printemps perpétuel (Changchunyuan)et le Jardin du Printemps millénaire (Wanchunyuan). Les travaux de la construction commencèrent en 1709, durèrent 150 ans. Tous les moyens furent mis en œuvre pour creuser des lacs, entasser des collines, planter des arbres et fleurs et construir 145 édifices intégrant 40 sites pittoresques tant chinois qu’étrangers, Néanmoins, ce chef-d’œuvre de jardinage fut saccagé, pillé et incendié par les troupes franco-britanniques en 1860, puis en 1900 par l’armée coalisée des 8 puissances. A l’heure actuelle, les vestiges du Yuanmingyuan sont restaurés et devenus un parc de vestiges où l’on visite et médite sur le passé.

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