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Great Bell Temple: Museum to Study and Display Ancient Bells

Dazhougsi (Great Bell Temple)

Dazhongsi (Great Bell Temple) is situated to the north of the Third Ring Road in the northwestern suburbs of Beijing. Built in 1733 in the reign of the Yongzheng emperor of the Qing Dynasty, its original name was Jueshengsi (Temple of Awakening). Because of the famous great bell it houses which was forged in Yongle period during Ming Dynasty, it has popularly been known as Dazhongsi.

Today, Dazhongsi (Great Bell Temple) has become a museum to collect, study and display various kinds of ancient bells, another tourist attraction in Beijing.



Il Tempio del Grande Campana

Il Tempio del Grande Campana è situato sulla via Xisanhuanbeilu. Fu chiamato Jueshengsi, costruito nel 1733 degli anni di Yongzheng di Ching. Ora esso ha cambiato a un museo delle campane antiche per raccolta, ricerca e mostra.

Le Temple de la Grande Cloche (Dazhongsi)

Le Temple de la Grande Cloche est situé au périphérique No. 3 nord-ouest. Appelé Jueshengsi à l’origine, le Temple de la Grande Cloche est construit en 1733 (11 ans de Yongzheng des Qing. Dans lequel, il y a une grande cloche, fabriquée dans les années Yongle des Ming, d’où son nom. Il est devenu aujourd’hui un musée d’anciennes cloches pour collectionner, étudier et exposer des cloches qu’on peut visiter facilement.

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