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Godly brain system cannot get away from super huge brain of mankind

Around the year 2019,a 1000-dollar-worth personal computer will have the basic computing power of a human brain, including 100 billion neurons and 100 trillion nerve connectives. By 2030,a computer system valued at 1000 dollars will be equivalent to the total intelligence of 1000 persons’ brains;By 2050, it will be equivalent to the power of 1 billion human brains.

The godly brain system will also need the help from the super “outer brain”. One of the greatest presidents in the world, President Roosevelt, was most good at using the outer brain, namely the brain trust. In his brain trust, there are lawyers, economists, financiers, teachers, socialites, merchants, newspaper editors, labour leaders, state officials and so on,with various backgrounds and various thoughts. These people compose a great outer brain, the brain trust,becoming an inexhaustible source of wisdom for Roosevelt’s outer brain, the practice of the “brain trust” was quite similar to the outer brain in the Spring and Autumn Annals period of China, namely, the many “hangers-on” kept by an aristocrat. The future “super outer brain” will utilize the super expert advisory system and super “think bank” to make use of all kinds of outer brains. In doing scientific research,no one will be single-handed,but will make use of the super outer brain most expediently, so as to get the needed wisdom and intelligence from people of all nations, all nationalities, all trades and all ages, and get the wise support and wise help from experts from all trades at any time. It will not only reduce a lot of repeated tests and repeated studies in research, but also help everyone’s intelligence and creation to reach an unprecedented height in both quality and quantity. The super outer brain will become the distributing center of human intelligence, and a solid foundation stone for human progress.

Moreover,the godly brain system cannot get away from the super huge brain. The super huge brain is an integration of lots and lots of super human brains, or combination of lots and lots of super computers, or summation of lots and lots of super outer brains.

All things mankind has achieved till now resulted from intelligence. When mankind has built up a godly brain system, namely, an integration of uncountable super human brains, super computers, super outer brains and super huge brains, we shall be able to do godly brain research at an amazing speed. Then, the Internet will become an intelligence network, becoming “the global nerve system”; everyone will be a point in this global information network system.

On this network,what will be going on will no longer be a mere informational interchange,but will be intelligence exchange. The intelligence of the whole world and whole mankind will be linked together, so the whole world will become an intelligent world,human intelligence will rise by billions or zillions of times, the speed of science development will be like atomic fission: some new branches of science or new research findings may come out in every 50 trillionth of a second! Then, the progressing speed of science and technology will be billions or zillions of times of the present speed! When knowledge productive force explodes on such a scale, the future economy such as the 1000-year longevity industry, the god-sleeping industry, the ecstasy industry, the eugenics industry, the outer space industry and so on driven by high and new science and technology as the core “nuclear power”, will be certainly growing like raging fires.

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