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Godly brain and immortal life in knowledge productive force

Making explosion in knowledge productive force, on the one hand, will depend on the increase of number of people engaged in knowledge production (once mankind is liberated from material production, all the several billion people may join knowledge production); and what is more important,it will depend on whether mankind will adopt the godly brain system for research.

What is the “godly brain”?

     Godly brain = super human brain + super computer + super outer brain + super huge brain

As the poem says, “Why is the water in the channel so clear? Just because the source is running water”. The source of scientific research achievements or knowledge production is the brain. The brain is where wisdom lives, is the source of intelligence, is the most mysterious and most precious part of the human, and is the core parent body for knowledge production.

First, we must create a super human brain. This depends on our knowledge of the brain. When the brain science makes great progress so as to uncover all secrets about the growth, division of work and so on about our brain, such knowledge will greatly help the research on artificial intelligence. When we use all such knowledge to develop and improve our brain, everyone may give play to all the creative potentials of the brain;What is more important is “building up the brain”, that is, using gene technology, nanometer technology, computer technology and so on to rebuild the brain. The famous scientist Hawking advocates the “cyber-technology”, that is, connecting the human brain to the computer directly. He says:We must work out such a technology as soon as possible, so as to let machine intelligence make contributions to human intelligence, instead of letting it play a threatening role. By “building the brain” through high technology, everyone of us may have a super brain,which will be much better than the brains of top scientists or people of high intelligence.

What comes next is the super computer (electronic brain). The future computer will grow at a super speed, towards super-velocity,super-miniature and super-intelligence. The future supper computer will be a quantum computer, with a speed billions of times faster than the traditional computer;It will also be a photon computer, not only with an amazingly fast calculating speed, but also with a great anti-jamming ability and a fault tolerance capacity like the human brain;It will also be a DNA computer, not only with a huge information storage capacity, but also with a self-repairing ability,and able to be connected to the human brain;It will also be an artificial intelligence computer: it can imitate human logical thinking,imitate human imaginal thinking,express all kinds of feelings, do creative work,and have a self “consciousness”;It will also be a nanometer computer: so tiny as to be one millionth of the cell, and hardly consuming any energy source… To sum up,the present computer will grow into a super computer full of unthinkably great intelligence. Gordon Moore, Honorary Chairman of the Board of Directors of Intel Company, believes: “Silicon intelligence will develop so highly that it is hard to distinguish the computer from the human.”

Australian scientist Garris says he is working on the first artificial brain that can imitate the human brain in the world, and he predicts that after 2011, such an artificial brain’s intelligence might surpass the human brain by 40 times. Raymond Kurzweil, President of Kurzweil Technology Company believes:

In future, one computer will be equal to one billion human brains of the present time. Then, if we use one billion such super computers for scientific research,how can the research scale and efficiency not reach a miraculous level?

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