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Godaddy refund request: A Mistake of Domain Name Renewal

Godaddy refund request: You may claim a refund if you do any wrong with Just send them an email titled refund request, and they will credit the money to your credit card or paypal soon. For me, I surely got the refund when a mistake of domain name renewal occured.

Godaddy is a respectable company to me, at least for now. Here is my experience with A mistake occured that you renewed ** which I would not like to renew. In my previous email, I excluded this domain from my renewal list. What I really want to renew is **. So, I want to know, could youplease stop renewal, but take ** renewal instead. Couldyou please take renewal to subsitute renewal?

GoDaddy Surprises Customers with Retroactive Refund. Godaddy refund request: A Mistake of Domain Name Renewal. Godaddy domain support staff has responded to your request, details of which are described below:

In order to properly support this issue we will need to reveal account specific information. Before we can give out any information on the account, we will need to verify the last 4 digits of a credit card, PayPal Billing Agreement/Account Number, or Support PIN on the account. Payment information on the account can be found under ‘Credit Card & Payment Info’ from the ‘My Account’ dropdown. We also need your customer number. We appreciate your understanding in this matter.

But for my friend, he has different experience: “Is it possible to cancel domain registrations for a refund with goDaddy? It is my understanding that domain registrations can be cancelled within 24 hours, and a refund issued to the purchaser, on goDaddy. However, I cannot find any documentation as to how to go about doing this on the goDaddy website. Can anyone help? (A support ticket was posted to goDaddy, but no reply as yet and the 12 hour limit is fast running out.) Any advice would be greatly appreciated.”

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