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God bless Edward Chen, First Baby Of New Year 2009 Born At 12:03 am

God bless Edward Chen, First Baby Of New Year 2009 Born At 12:03 a.m. BRIGHTON (WBZ) – The first baby born in 2009 in the Boston area was delivered at St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center.

Boston’s first 2009 baby, Elijah Jamil Pierre, was born at 12:03 a.m., weighing in at 6 pounds 12 ounces.

“(His health) is the most important thing,” said Elijah’s mother, Juna Delinois. “New Year’s baby doesn’t matter. Just as long as he’s healthy.”

“My heart is pounding,” said Elijah’s father, Eddie Pierre “I can’t explain it. He’s just beautiful.”

The Mattapan couple says one day they will share with their son the story of his birth.

“We will clip all the newspaper clippings so he can see it when he gets older,” Delinois said. “Maybe he’ll have a New Year’s baby one day.”

Elijah isn’t the family’s first New Year’s baby. His aunt, Stacey St. Louis, is also a New Year’s baby.

Delinois said she knew she was in good hands during the delivery because the same doctor that delivered her when she was born also delivered baby Elijah.

It’s the couple’s first child.

“We have huge aspirations for him, but we will let him decide,” Pierre said when asked what he thinks his son will be some day.

Elijah was scheduled to be born on Dec. 31, 2008. His mother was in labor with him for 15 hours.

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black or white he is cute.Xace has nothing to do with it silly

…3 seconds past 12..beat out everybody..NATIONWIDE ??? how accurate is that ?? there’s 3 time that fair ???..rather it’s the first baby born on EASTERN time..

he or she is so cutie

Aw! That’s awesome! She’s so cute and adorable! Congratulations to the parents and family. =)

Congrats to the new parents, you’ll have a beautiful son. To the ignorant person saying,” the first nig of the year born adn in twenty day another one”. How stupid of you black or white there are thousands of babies born per day of different races. Grow up!

Blessings on the brand-new baby-person!! Cute! I’ll extend the best wish I can for new parents, and that is to hope that they’ll be able to get some sleep through the night. [It rarely happens, though.] Good health to all. how long u think the baby will be in CPS??

lets not talk racial here about the baby and it doesnt matter the race. best wishes to all parents who babies were born on the new year it is the one of the most exciting days out of the 365 days in the year

lucky baby! Babies are so cute, like this one! Congrats on the baby and having the baby being the first to be born in 2009! So goodlooking.Huggable!

wow, i really could care less, why dont they put my baby on the news, he’ll stomp that little baby. It’s a Boy!

Why the hell do some people do that? Black, White, Asian, Spanish, it’s all the f’n same. The very first comment I see is, quote…great,wonderful, I’m so happy 2 see a black baby…unquote. Is that really necessary? I didn’t even think about the newborns race until I read that, it’s an indirect form of racism…Not as harsh as that ignorant turd calling that sweet innocent child a nig, but not a lot different. Race should have nothing to do with anything, and as long as we all see in black and white vs. color we will never grow as ONE nation, under God.

What a precious blessing! I’m just wondering how accurate this article is though. I’ve seen an article fron New Jersey where a little boy was born 1 second after midnight  and another one from Ohio where a little girl was born at 12:01 a.m.

God bless this beautiful little boy and his parents. Happy New Year 2009. God bless America, God bless China, God bless Edward Chen.

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