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Future economy will be ruled by culture industry on life style

Let’s look at the culture industry first. The future economy will be ruled by the culture industry. In many developed countries and regions,the culture industry is a rising new force constituting a very important part in economic growth, and will become a major growth point and mainstay industry in their national economy.

Just as Daniel Bell says in his Advent of the Postindustrial Society, “Economy has become the production of the life style displayed by the culture”. Hollywood seems to be just as important as Silicon Valley. Without understanding the charm of the culture industry, we shall be unable to understand why Jordan’s economic contribution should be 20 billion US dollars,why books, perfumes, underwear, movies and Nike sneakers about Jordan should be sold like hot cakes, why NBA tournament should get such a great audience, why so many countries should be vying to get the building right to Disney parks…

In his inaugural address, Korean president Kim Dae-jung declared to “Build Our Country through Culture”, stressing that they should develop the culture industry into the backbone industry in the 21st century. The power of “Korea-philes” is getting greater and greater in China, and Korean Teleplays have a far-reaching impact on China.

American writer J.K.Rowling used to be in abject poverty and lived on the government’s relief before she published her best seller Harry Potter that was sold in 270 million copies in the world! According to a British news medium’s report, British parents have spent 40 million pounds buying products related to Harry Potter. That cafe frequented by Rowling has also become world famous now. Coca-Cola Company spent 1 billion US dollars to buy the right to print Harry Potter’s smile on the coke can. The film “Harry Potter” has also become a hit challenging “Titanic”,bringing about a huge profit…

The report released by New England Committee highlights the promoting role played by culture in bringing about job opportunities. In the said region, there are 245,000 people engaged in this industry, outnumbering the people in the software industry that used to be considered as the leading industry in that region. So, culture economy has already reached the scale comparable to Silicon Valley’s electronics and communication sector. The report stresses that culture economy has infused a vitality into the urban economy that seems to have tended towards decline, it can build up a healthier community, which is of far reaching importance to the sustainable development of England.

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  1. Soul Ease from HzJEEP says:

    The economy and the culture industry can complete each other. when the economy is on the line, culture industry could be affected as well (Hollywood business is now also on the line following the recession). With higher enthusiasm spread by culture industry could boost economic growth (in the end, the hard worker and gutsy Harry Potter’s leading characters are settling for higher economic & social stage as ministers)

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