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Full-time scientific personnel is trend in future

Of the 6 billion people of the world, those doing science work are less than 1%. Even in this less than 1%, more than 25% of them are doing research in the military aspect. In our world, on the one hand,the rate of unemployment of the society keeps high, and keeps rising;On the other hand,scientific manpower and great able people are in great shortage. If we raise the quantity of scientific personnel from 1% to 10%, 20%, 50%, or even 80% in future, and greatly improve the level of them, then, our scientific research power will be thousands of times of the present level, and our research findings will also be thousands of times more! Great increase of the quantity of full-time scientific personnel is an inexorable trend in future.

In the agricultural society,the peasant population accounts for more than 80%,but the peasant population of USA now is only 2%,and their industrial workers also account for a low rate of 5%. Such proportions will be further reduced sharply. Then, what will the rest of the people do? Now they are chiefly engaged in the service industry,but in future they will shift largely to the research industry,and there will be millions or billions of people doing scientific research. Then, the potential magical power of science will certainly be exploited by many more times, thus, the progress of mankind’s leap to immortals will also be sped up by many more times!

Let’s look at the condition in scientific personnel

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