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Free Complex and Interest Commonwealth on Mankind Freedom

Future economy‘s business organizations will be both free complexes and interest commonwealths.

The “free complex” is Marx and Engels‘ fine conception in their design of the communist society. The best future enterprise form should be the ideal prospect of communism, the free complex, which is unexpected to many people.

In human nature, there is a strong thirst for freedom, and only freedom can kindle intelligence. For a high-intelligence person, “Give me freedom, or death!” Freedom means “the possibility for everyone to do anything by the most suitable means according to his own judgment and rationality”, then, a free complex just means using one’s own judgment and reason to make the decision to unite together.

Free Complex and Interest Commonwealth on Mankind Freedom

Only a high freedom can kindle people’s inspiration,trigger people’s creativity,and make people’s devotion and fervor surpass what is expected in the strict supervision of traditional enterprises. In a traditional enterprise,the following phenomena would be hard for people to tolerate:Technical personnel are not restricted by the business hours: when they like to come,they come; when they like to go, they go;Some people do not keep their clothes tidy, some put their legs on the table… But all these will be encouraged, the working mode will get freer and freer, and every worker will be a free individual. Their joining is based on the common idea, common ideal and common pursuance; they come together because of their common interest, aspiration and fervor in life economy and human-centered economy. All of them are willing to devote their own time, youth, talent and wisdom to this great undertaking as they think it is worthwhile.

Meanwhile,future enterprises will also be interest commonwealths.

Practice has proved, the more an enterprise becomes an interest commonwealth,the more possible for it to grow fast. More than 90% of listed companies of America have practiced the employee stock ownership plan:In comparison with the time before practicing the employee stock ownership plan, the labor productivity has risen by 1/3,the average rate of profit has risen by 50%,and the employees’ income has become higher by 25% to 60%. Bill Gates’ Microsoft has more than 27,000 workers, and 80% of them have stock option. Bill Gates’ idea of employee shareholding is not only a welfare measure, but is also a competitive one, as the obtaining of the stock option is based on the employee’s contribution to the Company. It is just for this reason that working in Microsoft has become more challenging and more attractive. “You have never seen such vigor, ability and enthusiasm from people elsewhere.” Hence, Microsoft has grown so fast, and when Microsoft made a great success and Gates became the top rich man in the world, his Company had also turned out many millionaires.

A scholar has described employee shareholding as “gold in four aspects”:Gold handcuffs, golden dream, golden handshake and gold bowl. Gold handcuffs mean that the rich income brought about by enterprise development “handcuffs” (locks) the employees so that they can be willing to contribute to the development of the enterprise. Golden dream describes the stock option system as a long-term reward. Golden handshake refers to the fact that all the managerial personnel and common workers fight in the same “trench”. Gold bowl refers to the fact that the workers treasure their own work much more. The gold handcuffs, golden dream, golden handshake and gold bowl melt the interest of everyone in the enterprise together, let them stand together regardless of any situation, thus, the enterprise may develop at a super speed, and the employees themselves may also get huge interest.

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