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Feng Zhiqiang, Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan Master

Feng Zhiqiang, (1928-) A well-known pugilist, he is one of the important successors of the Chen Style Taijiquan. Born in Shulu, Hebei Province, Feng has studied boxing, such as the stance exercise, Tongbei and Xingyi since childhood.

Feng Zhiqiang, Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan Master

Since 1950, he began to study the Chen Style Taijiquan from Chen Fake. Feng has competed with many pugilists and won all the competitions. In 1983, he was awarded the “Excellence” award in the Wushu competition of the 5th National Games held in Shanghai. In 1985, he was invited by the Beijing Wushu Team to tour Hainan Island for a performance.

In 1986, representing Beijing’s circle of martial artists, he took part in the medal-awarding ceremony in which the International Olympic Committee conferred the Golden Olympic Medal to Vice Premier Wan Li. In the same year, he also took part in the special Wushu performance held by the National Sports Committee for veteran carders of the Central Adviser Committee, and won general praise. From 1986 to 1987, on the invitation of the China Wushu Academy, Feng gave lectures in an international coach training class in Shenzhen and Guangzhou, attracting many followers. Furthermore, the publication, 48 Type Concise Chen Style Taijiquan, edited by Feng is very popular. He was also invited as a coach to visit America, Japan, Mexico and other countries.

Now Feng is the Vice President of the Beijing Wushu Association, Chairman of the Beijing Chen Style Taijiquan Institute and the Head of both the Zhiqiang Wushu School and the Huaxia Wushu Hall. Editing and Written by Edward Chen

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