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Family Fun and Outdoor Adventures at New England

New England travel

New England travel


New England is a fabulous destination for a family vacation, from Maine, Massachutes, Conneticut, New Hampshire, to Rhode Island, Vermont, you will lost yourself in these wonderful areas.

Southern New England doesn’t cover a lot of acreage, but it houses quite a bit of the history of the United States of America. The amount of thought, discussion and effort that went into the formation of this nation is often forgotten or taken for granted by today’s residents. It was actually a relatively small amount of extremely dedicated people that forced the United States into existence. Many reminder landmarks can be visited today. Of course, this is only three states of the original 13 colonies. Each area contributed views, efforts, and lives.

Family Fun
A great family-driving jaunt might be up (or down) the coast of Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Massachutes. A leisurely two days with a couple stops at inns or campgrounds introduces you to the region. You’ll certainly recognize the names Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket along the way. Once the haunts of fisher-folk, now the monies elite makes these islands, bays and beaches their homes.

The major city center is Boston, often compared to its younger sibling San Francisco. Cosmopolitan, diverse and with something for everyone–even basketball fans. New England is home to many fine colleges and universities and if the family wants to go en masse to check out the campuses, plan on turning it into a vacation and get to know these states.

Outdoor Adventures
Northern New England is that smallish, wild area in the northeast corner of the United States that is rugged yet refined. It is a concentrated land of coastlines and mountains, lakes, rivers and forests, wilderness and tightly packed villages; rural, yet housing fine universities and colleges.

Bordered by the Atlantic Ocean to the East, Canada (New Brunswick and Quebec) to the East and North, Massachutes to the South, and New York to the West. Statistics can be a game in this 2-state area with Maine sporting 3,478 miles of shoreline, while Vermont is only 41 miles wide at its southern border.

Water turns up everywhere. In summer the ocean, lakes, and rivers provide great summer water sports and fishing. In winter snow and ice predominates the landscape for more sports opportunities. In fall, it’s the freezing water in the leaves that cause the gorgeous colors on the native deciduous forests.

Other popular activities include harness racing (a New England tradition), shopping and historical explorations.

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