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Evolution into high-leveled super mankind of eternal life

In today’s mankind,their disesteem and overlook of the value of life are astounding, especially in our great populous country educated by the ancient tenet of “dying to achieve virtue”. On the early morning of June 23, 2005, a 40-year-old farmer migrant worker from Gansu Province, Wang Guoqing, was detained by three law enforcement officers. They asked him to pay 10 Yuan as the water charge, but he did not have money with him, so the officers began to strike and kick him. What was more heart-striking is, when several townees of Wang Guoqing went to the municipal government to complain, the desk clerk said: “Don’t damage our reputation”. Because of such an indifference, because of lack of money for the time being, and because of no timely treatment, Wang Guoqing died the next day! Just for the sake of 10 Yuan water charge,a vigorous life was lost!

Yao Li,a woman clerk in Daqing Branch of Construction Bank of China, was attacked by two armed gangsters, and after her alarming got no effect, in order to avoid more money from being grabbed away, she was forced to hand out more than 10,000 Yuan to the gangsters. Although she made up for the loss with her own money immediately afterwards, her working institution dismissed her from her party membership and her public position! In the eyes of Daqing Branch of Construction Bank, a precious life = 13568.46 Yuan RMB! Her institution had good reasons: “The national interest is higher than anything”, “In a crucial moment, how can you give up the money to the gangsters? ” “ In a crucial moment, Yao Li, as a communist,should offer up everything of hers, even the most precious life.” Is the 10,000 Yuan money more valuable than the life of a person? For the sake of the 10,000 Yuan, a weak woman should use her flesh and blood to withstand the 5-pound hammer, should die a martyr, rather than give up a penny of the country’s property. Only that can be considered as “great” and “noble”! But she did not “have a life-and-death struggle” with the gangsters, so she had to lose her party membership and even her job, so she should be cursed as “coward” and “renegade”!

Today’s mankind is often confined to the narrow national interest or the interest of any small group, without the notion and consciousness of the top value of mankind’s common interest! That is why some rich countries shift off their environmental crisis to backward countries. On the one hand, they stress their vanguard role in environmental protection, but on the other hand, they transport the poisonous garbage to those countries that have no processing capacity for it! It is just because of mere consideration of their country’s interest that such things appeared: Regardless of the heavy opposition of the international community, President Bush goes his own way,continues to carry out the NMD,and refuses to sign the Kyoto Protocol for protection of global environment! It is just because of the absence of the notion of the top value of mankind’s common interest that the USA posing itself as a democratic country only stresses democracy within its own country but runs counter to democracy in the international community! But the new mankind means that everyone in the world can “go beyond the old tradition of narrow loyalty to the tribe or country, but be loyal to the whole mankind”!

In foreign mass media,we often see moving reports on stories of self saving, such as a child  escaped from a disaster, an old woman saved herself in a disaster, and all those who saved themselves successfully in distress are regarded as heroes and praised. However,in our country’s mass media, laudatory words are only given to those who save others, whereas successful self savers are never regarded as heroes. The reason why our public opinion does not praise a person who saved himself successfully is only that self saving is just for keeping the individual’s own life, but does not have such noble significances as protection of the collective property, maintenance of the national interest and so on. Hasn’t our culture been full of the overlook of the life of a person? Under all kinds of beautiful banners, we are willfully trampling, humiliating or even throttling life. Isn’t it the most lamentable?
The root of mankind’s war and all tragedies is just the fact that we lack the values of “Life Is Supreme”. “Life Is Supreme” does not mean only “my” life is the most precious,but any living person’s life is equally precious, and everyone’s life should be respected and treasured. Only when the whole mankind regards “Life Is Supreme” as the highest guideline can we exterminate war,this evil demon.

In the meantime,deterioration of the ecological environment and deterioration of the international relations are also the greatest calamities confronted by mankind. Only the new mankind armed with the ecological culture of “harmony between nature and man” and the peace and cooperation culture characterized by “harmony among all people” can eliminate the greatest problem by the root, and clear up the disastrous consequences mankind will suffer.

The new mankind does not only sincerely believe in the top value of mankind and life, and advocate harmony between nature and man and among all people, but they are also new people meeting the four cardinal requirements: “having ideals, having a high moral standard, having a good culture and having great abilities”.

“Having ideals” means having the ideal to make mankind happiest, having the ideal of “Mankind will certainly evolve into immortals” and having the ideal to realize full globalization. The present globalization is only a single-sided globalization, a globalization of the developed countries, a globalization of multinational corporations, and a globalization of the rich only; but what we need is a full globalization, that is, a globalization of all countries and all people,and a globalization that may bring the greatest happiness to the whole mankind! That is the “ideal” of the new mankind!

“Having a high moral standard” means having the most universal moralities of mankind, “love” and “righteousness”. The most essential power of morality comes from love,as the saying goes, “The greatest secret of morality is love.”(Shelley) The new mankind should love themselves,love others, and have a universal love. Also, they should be just, kind, and faithful. Those may become mankind’s universal moral virtues.

“Having a good culture” means having the six major cultures of mankind’s new culture, namely, human-centered culture, ecological culture, life culture, peace and cooperation culture, mutual benefit culture, and Great success culture. Culture means a thorough breeding from tip to toe and from inside to outside. People with such a culture will be far better than those who are only literate, but will be the really lettered people in the new era, that is, people needed for realization of the ideal of “becoming immortal together”.

“Having abilities” means having the abilities needed for realization of the ideal of “becoming immortal together”. Of all kinds of panic,the most terrible is ability panic. In the book Ability Panic, I listed ten major abilities in the “Ability Menu”, and all of them are necessary for the new mankind, especially the core abilities: learning ability, thinking ability and innovating ability. The new mankind should be far stronger than the present mankind especially in these core abilities, that is, they should have a super learning ability, a super thinking ability and a super innovating ability.

The period from the present mankind to the new mankind is the key stage and key step in the evolution from mankind to immortals. To achieve a decisive victory in this stage, we must rely on the new culture and new education,must rely on cultural innovation and educational innovation,and must rely on cultural revolution and educational revolution!

We need a high-efficiency globalized education system to turn out the new mankind that “sincerely believes in the top value of mankind and life, and advocates harmony between nature and man and among all people”, and is characterized by the four requirements of “having ideals, having a high moral standard, having a good culture and having great abilities”.
What is the high mankind? The high mankind is a mankind with high qualities in all aspects, namely, a mankind that has attained a high level in all aspects, such as health, intelligence, ability, virtue, beauty, happiness and so on. To realize the leap from the new mankind to the high mankind, we do not only need a high and new culture, and a high and new education,but also need the power of high and new science and technology. In “Part Three” afterwards, we shall detail “birth optimization through technology”, “education optimization through technology” and “health optimization through technology”,so as to use technology to optimize mankind in all aspects, raise mankind’s integral quality,and enable the high mankind to possess the high qualities needed for the leap to the super mankind.

The super mankind is the race of immortals,being the ultimate objective we are trying to reach. The super mankind also falls into three stages:the initial super mankind, the medium super mankind and the high-leveled super mankind. The initial super mankind’s life will reach 1000 years;The medium super mankind’s life will reach 10,000 years;The high-leveled super mankind will jump to eternal life, living as long as Heaven. Of the three stages,the most important is to realize the dream of the initial stage, that is, everyone can live to 1000 years,and can have corresponding development in the other respects. Scientists predict, this can be realized before 2030, and this prophesy is based on the progress of gene deciphering. If we can improve mankind’s quality from now on,make efforts consciously towards this goal, then, we may not only ensure to realize this dream in 2030, but also possibly achieve this goal much earlier. So long as we can guarantee to reach the stage of the initial super mankind, that is, making everyone live to the age of one thousand, it will not be hard to realize the dreams about the medium super mankind and the high-leveled super mankind. The reason is like this: so long as everyone can ensure a life of 1,000 years, need we be afraid that we cannot attain the medium super mankind goal within a thousand years? Maybe, it will not need a thousand years, only need 100 years, or 200 years… Then, mankind will be more confident and daring in the evolution into the high-leveled super mankind of eternal life!

Scientists have told us long ago: “Just on the day when God created man, HE regretted. Mankind is the first creature that tries to change its own evolutionary process.” Indeed! Mankind has already possessed the ability to extend its own life time and change its own fate and track. So long as our whole mankind unites as one, help each other in the same boat,we shall certainly progress from the present mankind to the new mankind, from the new mankind to the high mankind, and from the high mankind to the super mankind – immortals!

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