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Eternal life and daylong ecstasy constitute the overall goal of becoming immortals

One point is worth noting specially: what we seek is daylong ecstasy,that is, not only “ecstasy”, but also “daylong ecstasy”, which is to say,we must put people into a state of utmost joy in all the 24 hours of a day. On the one hand,we may use technological means to reduce human sleeping time. A person uses one third of his time to sleep, that is, in one third of the life, he is in the state without consciousness, just like a living dead body. When we think of this, we cannot help feeling sorry. We may explore into the secret of human sleeping,so as to develop a high technology that enables people to sleep less or get rid of sleep (there have been some great breakthroughs in this respect), to ensure them to enjoy pleasure in all the 24 hours of the day. On the other hand,even if we have to have a certain amount of sleeping time,we may also optimize the sleeping time, for example, letting us have fond dreams all the time so as to enjoy the beautiful sleep. In short,we may keep people happy every hour, every minute and every second, whether awake or asleep.

Daylong ecstasy may maximize the daily amount of happiness;Eternal life may maximize the number of days of happiness. The result of multiplication of the above two will maximize the joy of the whole life.

 Eternal life and daylong ecstasy constitute the overall goal of becoming immortals, and the two together determine the whole amount of happiness. The kernel objectives of becoming gods, “omniscience and omnipotence” and “supreme kindness and supreme beauty” also play a great role for happiness. Eternal life and daylong ecstasy will chiefly depend on the great development of science and technology, and on the other hand, the great development of science and technology also depends on human “omniscience and omnipotence”;Meanwhile,only when everyone has reached “the supreme kindness and supreme beauty” can we form a harmonious and uniform great society,build up a globally integrated commonwealth,and focus all the forces of the society and the world onto the most important aspect of human happiness, so as to ensure the realization of eternal life and daylong ecstasy.

 At the same time, omniscience and omnipotence, supreme kindness and supreme beauty just represent the highest prospect of mankind’s age-old pursuit of “truth, benevolence and beauty”. And they happen to represent the highest level of happiness.

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