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Electrifying Words: Expounding the Essentials of Dacheng Pedagogy

“All problems confronted by people, in the last analysis, result from the fact that our own ability is not strong enough. The difference between persons, essentially speaking, is just the difference in ability. On the one hand, the fast development of science and technology, and the explosion of knowledge information have made the ability crisis become more severe than any times in the past; On the other hand, the equal competition in market economy characterized by favoring the excellent and eliminating the poor, has made the truth more evident that one’s ability determines his ups and downs in career, and determines his future and fate in life. Individuals will increasingly depend on ability to support themselves and prove themselves. Whoever has ability will have the right to exist, the right to develop and the right to enjoy. “That is the purport of her Ability Panic. Meanwhile, Wang Xiaoping has proposed the ability menu of “great successful people” to the world, namely the ten major abilities: learning ability, thinking ability, innovating ability, designing ability, persuasive ability, communicative ability, cooperating ability, organizing ability, self-knowing ability, and self-commanding ability. After Ability Panic was published, Wang Xiaoping was faced with many opportunities:A company’s general manager lobbied her to join his company, a magazine invited her to do planning work for them, a TV station invited her to make TV programs, some colleges and cultural organizations invited her to give lectures, some people urged her to set up a cultural company as soon as possible. Professor Song Kai of Sino-European International College of Industry and Commerce, Ms Feng Jiuling who wrote Megatrends in Asia in collaboration with Naisbitt, and many others suggested Xiaoping should propagate the book and do some touring lectures, so as to expand the influence of Dacheng pedagogy. But Wang Xiaoping still continued her research-typed learning, and positioned it on an even higher level, futurology. Like a Heavenly Steed Soaring Across the Skies: Pondering Over the Destination of Mankind In a Supermundane Broad Mind: Writing a Monumental Book The Second Declaration Before Ability Panic was finished, an earth-shaking event attracted Wang Xiaoping. Even today, she still remembers clearly it was June 26, 2000, when the scientists of six countries participating in the human genome project declared simultaneously:The sketch of human genome has been completed at last, as a result of one decade’s hard work. Yet, from this news, what occurred to Wang Xiaoping’s mind turned out to be a story she had read at the age of 11 or 12.The story was about Sakyamuni, the Buddha, who used to be a prince. In his journey, he saw a withered and downbent old man with a worried look, teetering groggily, looking very pitiful. He went up to help the old man, wanting to take him into the palace so that he might spend his last years happily there. But the old man did not only knock head to thank him, but also raised a very strange question to the prince: “You could offer me things to eat and wear, but you could not blacken my white hair, straighten my humpback and make all my dropped teeth grow again. What I need is the reappearance of my life and youth. Later, he met with many more scenes of “illness” and “death”. All those shocked Sakyamuni greatly and then he swore: “I must make clear: Why people will age? Why will they fall ill? Why will they die? I must find out a way for all living creatures including myself, to free us from the sufferings of birth, aging, disease and death.” Hence, out of a great mission sense and out of a sense of duty to save mankind from tribulation, the 29-year-old Sakyamuni abandoned his beloved wife and children, abandoned his luxurious royal life and great power, abandoned everything that others might run after by all means, to find out the way to free people of sufferings. Thus, he founded Buddhism.

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