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Eight Extremes Chuan Origin and Characteristics

Baji Quan is a very fierce and ruthless style of Kung Fu. It originated in the villages of Cang County in the Hebei Province of China. Based on the Cang County Historical Records, the founder of this style of Kung Fu is Wu Zhong. According to their records, Wu Zhong learned the art from two Taoist monks named Lai and Pi. Unfortunately, the origins of these two monks are unknown.

One of the main characteristic of this style is its loud stomps that punctuates its discharging of energy. The training in Baji Quan is long, rough, and often unbearable. Students of this style spend a long period of time maintaining low stances to develop its well-known internal power.

Baji Quan external appearance is rather simplistic while the usage of internal body mechanics is quite sophisticated. It is characterized by being practical and powerful. As a close range style, Baji Quan uses all eight locations of the body to deliver cruel and painful strikes. The eight locations of the body, head, shoulders, elbows, hands, feet, buttocks, hips, and knees, are trained to their extreme perfection.

The practitioner of this style would approach an opponent from a long-range position and close to a body-to-body contact distance. While getting closer to an opponent, the eight locations of the body are continuously employed in all directions, and every technique becomes faster and more powerful than the previous.

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