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Earthquake Donation Gate: Zhang Ziyi’s trouble comes from fame

Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi is perplexed for the so-called earthquake donation gate scandal. Why the hot actress has so many trouble these years. Her trouble, as we can say, comes from her fame.

Chinese Actress Zhang Ziyi TV Interview

Chinese Actress Zhang Ziyi TV Interview

Earthquake Donation Gate Scandal: Zhang Ziyi’s trouble comes from her popularity

To err is human. Zhang Ziyi was nearly unable to recover under so many “gates”. But she still responded in detail to the torrent of suspicious questions in good appearance. She made apologies sincerely, which showed how hard it was for a public figure. Some netizens forgive her but some not. The hidden rule is that the more one person is famous, the worse he will be described and after a while, it will turn out to be a tragedy.

For Miss Zhang Ziyi, the fate isn’t supposed to be a tragedy. First, let’s look at her appearance after the “fraudulent donations gate”. The black and white dress, neat and elegant, suggests she is beautiful both outside and inside. Let our memories go back. If there were no “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon”, she might be tragic and just became a common people. If there were no “Jiaolong Yu” who she acted excellently, she might be tragic and could hardly be a star, but she doesn’t stand the chance to be a common lady. Miss. Zhang is a born star, and knows how to grab each chance which life shows, and she has both the hardworking and the idle spirits, which helps her get status, commercial value and stand out of common actresses. Stars are not God, and she is so hot and labeled perfect. She cares every little aspect, who swears to be a concerned star and does her best in morality. Xiang Li said that no one can be perfect. As expected, all her effort turns out to be in vain and her careless flaws the perfect beauty. People start to blame her not pure, criticize that she is fake. At this situation, the real will turn out to be the fake and the next chain reactions almost destroy her flame. If she doesn’t come out, it means she “admits” it. But all is too late. It’s almost impossible for her to turn things around. She is a weak lady with strong mind, but can’t handle her fate in such a mass. Her mistake has been described as unforgivable. It is hard to tell reality from fake, and the best way is to escape from the dark and do some uncovered thing, and she comforts herself so. Her appearance probably suggests a simple thing that she doesn’t want to be misjudged any more.

During the interview, Zhang Ziyi has tears in her eyes, and it’s such an unexpected strike. These years she has lived a peaceful life, and only has some trouble with affection. For her movie career, her general principle is that quality is important than quantity. She spends all her rest time to public good. This is life that if one does nothing, he will never make mistake, at worst be described as a lazy one. The more one does, the more mistakes he will probably make and may be described as unkind. The old warn us that one will surely make mistakes if he keeps talking, so it’s better to shut up. As a star, Miss Zhang has to care about public affairs. And we completely support stars to care about it. In our mind, Miss Zhang is a good lady, bright and beautiful. She can be compared with Confucius, but at this time, she is vulnerable because of her popularity, and after all, she isn’t Confucius.

Attitude decides the appearance. In the process of pursuing public good, Miss Zhang looks like a sixteen girl although she is actually thirty-one. No one can cherish her fame more than herself. But it’s a pity that no matter how hard she try, it’s almost impossible to sustain her fame, just like that no matter how hard we try to keep our new clothes clean, we will more easily get it dirty with oil or something. Although she has a good attitude, there are so many trouble-makers that   only like to pull the one who make mistakes into the water and never get them recovered.

OK, coming up next, let’s see what Zhang Ziyi’s fans talk about her.

1 floor: just a liar. Compared with the liar in jail, she is free and can be aboard and has lots of BFs.

2 floor: what a shameless lady! She can’t have a long life. I can’t bear her any more.

3 floor: it’s hard for Chinese actresses aboard, and they become less and less. Most are Korean. So what? Just be kind.

6 floor: “fraudulent donations gate” is caused by careless? What a euphemistic word.

Zhang Ziyi has apologized sincerely and explained in detail to public, and also promised to make up for the rest of the money. Now, no matter how hard we criticize and hate her, it does nothing good to the whole thing, also we are likely used by the trouble-makers. So be smart and give Miss Zhang another chance to repent past mistake. There are good and bad, kind and evil in life, and we can’t be used and follow others without our own thoughts, and we should treat others kindly. Editing by Elizabeth Zhang

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