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Domain Transfer from Wild West Domains to Inc

Transfer Domain Name from Wild West Domains to Inc. Why I transfer from Wild West Domains to Inc? Because I hope all my 8 domains have the same registrar.

I’d like to transfer *MeiRenJi.Net* from Wild West Domains to Inc, but the it shows “MEIRENJI.NET is unavailable for transfer”. Could you please help me transfer this domain from Wild West Domains to Inc? How can I get Domain Transfer Authorization Code? What is the Domain Transfer Process? How long does Godaddy Transfer need? Do I need Godaddy Transfer Coupon? Or directly please change the registrar as Inc. I’d like all my domins should have the same one registrar.

And Godaddy replied to my email as:

Thank you for contacting Online Support. The domain, MEIRENJI.NETis already active in your customer account. Please let us know if we can help any other way. Godaddy Online Support Technician.

Now I understand that Wild West Domains and Inc are the same company, so I need not transfer domain.

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