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Development Views on New Mankind

 All problems are chiefly ascribable to the development problem whereas the soul of the development problem lies in the development theory.

 The problem of becoming “gods” is actually the problem of human development. Development is the theme of the world of the present age, and is also the theme of the present China. “Only development is the hard truth”,and this famous saying by Deng Xiaoping has already become the tenet in the minds of all the Chinese. Development concerns success or failure, and survival or death. Only development can save China and save the world. The whole China tries its best to seek development, and so does the whole world.

 All problems are chiefly ascribable to the development problem whereas the soul of the development problem lies in the development theory. In the face of development,what we must think first of all is:What kind of development do we need most? Today,people tend to regard development as the same of social development and economic economy,even simply use economic growth to replace development in general,and economic growth is chiefly reflected by a few economic indicators such as the GDP. Such a traditional development theory may easily lead people towards the simplex market development, commercial development and material asset development. For this kind development, they play hard, even if it may cause resource depletion or environmental deterioration,thus, man has degenerated as “an economic animal”, “a slave of technology”. Although the appeal to sustainable development is getting more and more people’s consent, hardly any government’s decision makers have really responded to it in action. The sticking point of all these problems just lies in the problem of development theory.

 The development theory plays a guiding and decisive role for development. The old development theory taking economic growth as the major purpose may lead people to serious mistakes unavoidably. Unlike the old development theory, the new development theory may not only help us come out of mistakes, but also bring about the best development for us. The major meanings of the new development theory are like this:

 Take human development as the core value, and let human development and social development interact with each other;

 While valuing economical development,value human development all the more.

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