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Developing Tendency of Future Economy

In early 2009, China Forever Living Corporation fully commenced its project of forever living and body reviving, while searching for and with high-salary employing the world top experts on body preservation. The gross investment of the project is 888.8 billion US dollars. Upon 13 years’ strenuous hardworking, it succeeds and wins praises from the whole world.

The front-page headline of Waltz Street Journal on 21 June 2033:

The deceased winner of Nobel Prizes comes to life. This is unprecedented but surely there will be successors in the future!
China Forever Living Corporation is the latecomer but has surpassed the old-timers. Its stock is rising sharply and has broken the world records.

Explosive good news from China Forever Living Corporation—the corporation has successively realized reviving the frozen body of professor WWW, the former winner of Nobel Prizes, become the first person that comes to life again in mankind’s history.

Since the stock of China Forever Living Corporation publicize in the stock market, it has been highly recognized and enthusiastically followed by the stock buyers. Especially after the project of forever living and body reviving publicized, the index of the stock raised continuously and became the bright star in Nasdaq market. According to the introduction of related personnel, China Forever Living Corporation will fully purchase the Microsoft, Intel, GE and etc

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