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Destination Weddings Guide: Hold Romantic Wedding on Grand Bahama Island Bahamas

Hold a romantic wedding on rrand Bahama Island Bahamas. Destination Weddings have in recent years become accessible to more and more couples looking to add an “exotic twist” to their special ceremony. Acclaimed as being like no other, Bahamian culture has embraced native Indian customs and that of its diverse historical past with the Bahamas boasting a friendly, warm atmosphere that will ENCHANT.

Many of the island settlements on Grand Bahama were founded by former slaves that were freed when Great Britain banned slavery in 1834. Today, the region displays a more tranquil ambience. Beaches of fine, opaque sand are filled with countless exotic seashells, and, if you are fortunate enough, exquisite spider lilies during the spring, which make weddings in Grand Bahama striking.

Attractions are many in this area with divers gravitating to the famous Cavern?that has taken centuries to form and provides a 50-foot deep, safe diving medium with spectacular stalagmite and stalactite formations. Galleries filled with national treasures are abundant with West Indian culture and Bahamian landscapes offering many artists inspiration. Jewelry, sculptures, paintings, and avant-garde pieces tinged with island spirit can be found throughout the region and are sure to impress even the most fastidious of art lovers.

Overall Grand Bahama weddings are truly spectacular and stimulating as they allow you and your fianc?to unwind and enjoy your new life together in style while soaking up the sun and reflecting on the cultural diversity.

Documents Needed for Travel
A valid U.S. passport is required for entry.

In most cases the passport must be valid for 6 months after the date of travel. For more specific details on entry regulations, please speak with your Destination Wedding Specialist.

English is the official language of the Bahamas.

Grand Bahama has miles of beautiful beaches along its southern coast. Some are secluded and seldom visited; others such as those in Lucaya, are popular year round.

The average temp is 70-75F during winter and low 80s in the summer. Generally light rainfall and low humidity.

The official currency is the Bahamian Dollar, although US currency is widely accepted, as well as major credit cards.

Marriage Requirements

1. The couple must be on Grand Bahama Island when applying for the marriage license, 24 hours before the wedding date.

2. If either party is under 18 years old, parental consent is required. Consent forms may be obtained from the Registrar General’s Office.

3. If either party has been divorced, the original final decree or a certified copy must be produced. If either party is widowed, the death certificate of the deceased spouse must be produced.

4. If either party is unmarried, a notarized declaration certifying this fact must be produced and accompany the license application.

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