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Death Hormone for Mankind Life Span

Some scientists made a contrast test with anile white rats. After cutting off the pituitary gland, in order not to affect the secretion of other hormones, they transplanted an artificial thyroxine into the rat. A miracle appeared:The anile white rat’s immunologic function and cardiovascular system recovered their youth! The “death hormone” secreted by the pituitary gland is really a very crucial cause of man’s death. Since the key has been discovered, we have a new hope for prolonging the lifespan. Of course,simply removing the pituitary gland is not a good policy. Scientists will go on to make clear what cells of the pituitary gland produce the “death hormone” and how it plays its role, then, use drugs or surgical operations or other modern techniques to prevent the generation of the “death hormone”, or delay its appearance greatly,so as to prolong people’s life greatly.

Gene, stem cell, telomerase, death hormone… They are just incidental findings as the scientists have not intentionally made great efforts to tackle the key problems in eternal life. Although they have not made great efforts specially for the goal, scientists’ progress in eternal life in the recent years has already been enough to strike us dumb, as those findings have uncovered a corner of the myth of eternal life. Along with the complete deciphering of the gene map, no one can imagine or estimate what power life sciences will release. But one point is certain: that power is extremely great, unthinkably great, and ultimately it will enable mankind to realize the dream of eternal life.

Someone may say these findings have only revealed a future prospect,and after all, they have not become reality,and after all they have not been put into practice yet. It is right, but those who say so may not have been aware of one point:All these mark the start of a new epoch, and will change mankind’s fundamental fate!

After Faraday discovered the electromagnetic law,he used a small electric generator to perform a program in public. When he was performing on the stage, a gentlewoman came to see it, holding a baby in her arms. She asked: “What use will your gizmo have in future?” At that time, Faraday did not know his finding would start a new epoch, so he found no words to answer clearly, but he gave an off-hand answer: “Madam, do you know what the baby you are holding will do in future? Since you do not know what your child will do in future, this gizmo is my child, too, so, I do not know what it will do in future, either.” Faraday could not answer, but history can answer. It was just because of such a gizmo that we had the electric generator, electromotor, electric lamp, telephone, TV, broadcast and so on later, which has started a new era!

But now it is much easier to predict the fine prospect the achievements in life sciences will bring about than Faraday could predict for his discovery, as the future is showing a much clearer picture before us. Although gene engineering, biotech and so on are still “small children”, they will grow very fast, and finally will turn the ancient dream of eternal life into reality.

Do not pray to God,but only rely on science. If we say our forefathers’ pursuit of eternal life could not succeed owing to the restriction of the times, now, with modern life sciences, we have the wisdom and power to succeed. So long as the whole world joins up,makes all-out efforts to tackle key problems,we are hopeful to let everyone enjoy longevity and eternal life, completely change the fatality of a short life and gain the greatest freedom and liberation in time and space.

The 21st century will be a century of the life. Life sciences and life technologies will surely open the way to eternal life sooner or later. Bill Gates’ slogan “Let each desk have a personal computer” has already begun to get old-fashioned, now, let’s put forward a new slogan that is full of revolutionary enthusiasm: “Let everyone be able to live forever”!

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