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Daylong ecstasy and eternal life: two major goals of becoming gods

The two major goals of becoming gods are “daylong ecstasy” and “eternal life”.

Daylong ecstasy is the maximization of “the daily amount of joy”. Eternal life will maximize the “number of days of joy”, so, the time effect of joy will have no bound or end, reaching eternity. Hence,according to the joy calculation formula,the joy to be brought about by becoming “gods” is like this:

Daylong ecstasy×eternal life=maximization of happiness·making happiness limitless=highest happiness

In Part II “Subversion of Tradition and Fetal Movement of Future”, I expounded the great possibility of eternal life in detail. Likewise, the possibility of “daylong ecstasy” is also very great.

 Whether a person is happy or not, is determined jointly by his external world and internal world. Only by reforming both external world and internal world can we make people happy all day long.

 In reforming a person’s internal world, there can be many ways:

 Faced with a the same half cup of water,someone may cry joyously: “I still have a half cup!” whereas someone else may sigh sadly: “Why is there only a half cup left?” In our life, some people are joyful by nature, like Cheng Yaojin (famous general in the Tang Dynasty), and some people are sad by nature, like Lin Daiyu (heroine in A Dream of Red Mansions), as joy comes in part from natural instinct. Research has also found,the gene plays a decisive role in a person’s optimistic character or pessimistic character. By the gene map we can find the gene that makes people feel happy and optimistic, thus, we can implant the optimism gene or joy gene into a pessimist.

 Some scientists made an experiment with the rat:A very hungry rat (it had already learned to get a pleasant sensation by treading the lever) did not eat the food, but ran straight to the lever that could stimulate its “joy centrum” and did “self stimulation” madly, as its strong pursuit of joy overwhelmed its thirst for food, making it forget to eat and enjoy the pleasure without tiredness (See Ability Panic for details). The rat has a joy centrum,and there should be a similar joy centrum in the human brain, too. Once we have found the joy centrum of man,by using some high and new technology to stimulate it effectively all day long, especially in time of study or work, our life may be full of joy every moment.

 As our education has the function to cultivate the soul, we should stress “pleasure education”,cultivate people’s optimistic consciousness, optimistic thinking, optimistic attitude and optimistic character,so that everyone may be good at finding pleasure, tasting pleasure and making pleasure. The best education should give everyone a joyous soul.

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