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Compulsory birth improvement through technology lays material basis for becoming immortals

Compulsory birth improvement through technology lays best material basis for becoming immortals

Some people turn pale at the mere mention of “eugenics”, as it reminds them of the “eugenics” of Hitler. Mr. Qiu Renzong, member of International Human Genome Ethic Committee, said: “If we use the gene research findings for improvement of the human race,it will be nothing else than Hitler’s ‘eugenics’ of racial annihilation.” As soon as such a saying came out, many judges made a big red cross on “improvement of the human race”. Is such a saying really reasonable? Hitler’s eugenics was totally different from today’s birth improvement through technology. Hitler used “eugenism” as a pretence and waved the whittle madly to the Jewry and other weak nations, practicing a brutal and inhuman massacre to them;But using gene technology to produce babies with “a high intelligence quotient” and “a high moral quotient” is meant to meet the human need on a profound level, so as to promote human development deeply and bring mankind into the finest future. It is just where the greatest interest of mankind lies. Professor Rao of Religion Institute of Virginia University of India said: “The knowledge we have acquired should be used to benefit the whole mankind. If a charming appearance, a strong physique and a bright wisdom can be worked out by design, we should let more and more people have them.” Only such a saying is a wise one, and really stands to reason.

Many experts worry that if we use gene technology to “produce” infants of high intelligence quotients, some rich parents may use it to make their children’s intelligence quotient grow above normal,resulting in a social inequality.

The pursuit of equality may be passive or active. In China, those who are able to go to collage and receive higher education are only a small fraction of the population, whereas many people even can not finish their primary school. Then, can we, for the sake of pursuit of “equality”,close up all the colleges to ensure everyone may have the equality of being unable to go to collage? Quite the contrary,what we should do is not to close up colleges,but go all out to develop colleges,including building more colleges,and should also encourage private education, trying every means to let more and more people go to college, and finally enable all people to get the best education. Likewise, in birth improvement through technology,if we, for the sake of pursuit of a temporary and passive “equality”,give up its research, exploitation and utilization, it will not only be a loss of many individuals, but also be a great loss of the society and mankind! To the contrary, just for the sake of eliminating inequity, we should make great efforts to develop the technology for birth improvement, so as to reduce the cost continually until everyone can afford it ultimately. Since letting some people “become rich first” is reasonable, letting some people “use it first” is reasonable, too. It is reasonable and beneficial for the development of the whole mankind!

What is more important,birth improvement through technology is a development trend,and no force can prevent it anyway. Maybe most people are not so interested in duplicating themselves, but, in this world of fierce competition, which parents do not hope to give birth to the most perfect children? Which parents do not wish their own children will have a high intelligence quotient, a strong constitution and a pretty look? Now in Beijing, in order to give birth to a clever and healthy baby, a man wants to give up smoking, give up drinking, give up tea, give up the computer, and even give up the mobile phone and the TV… “I have decided to have a child,so, from today,I will not drink a blob of wine, not drink a mouthful of tea!” When hearing a man in his 30s saying so, no one will feel surprised. Such men can be found everywhere. In order to have a healthy and clever child, they can do any hard things, and pay any high price. What’s in their mind is just one point:Either have no child, or have a best one. In order to give birth to an excellent child,they can endure any great hardships! Hence,the future trend must be like what the geneticist John Campbell said: “Every generation of parents will wish to give the newest and best reformed quality to their children, and will not submit to the will of Heaven by passively accepting the inherited chromosome.” Children’s natural predisposition determines everything in their future by the root, so, all parents will try every means to give the best to their children. “Owing to such a human nature,the embryo gene therapy will be worked out sooner or later,” said Anderson: “So long as we have new ways to think up, no one is willing to give the fatal gene to the child. That is just the impetus to development of the embryo gene therapy.” The same is true of the development of the whole undertaking of birth improvement through technology.

As far as any parents or any family is concerned, birth improvement through technology is their greatest need. The same is true of any nation or country. Making the nation prosper through education is a development strategy of many countries. Education is a postnatal optimization,and is not the primary determinative factor for personal quality, but birth improvement through technology is an innate optimization,being the primary factor. In the past ages, we never had the super technology and conditions for birth improvement, but now the conditions are already available. We have the capacity and method to highly optimize people’s natural predisposition. Such a eugenics project will have a matchlessly far-reaching and decisive effect on the quality of the whole nation and the future of the whole country. In so much that it is quite common now for many countries to practice “compulsory education”,taking “compulsory education” as one of the fundamental national policies,they will, in the measurable future,also practice “compulsory eugenics” and regard “compulsory eugenics” as a fundamental national policy. Not long from now, we shall execute both “compulsory birth improvement” and “compulsory education”, and only then can we really turn the great slogan declared as early as two centuries ago, “All men are created equal”, into a reality, rather than a mere wish or dream. Only by doing so can everyone get the best congenital quality equally, get the best postnatal education equally, and possess equally the key conditions for overall development and optimal development.

Compulsory birth improvement through technology may lay the best material basis for becoming immortals, so that everyone, as soon as he (she) is born, may be destined to become the greatest and perfect superhuman equally. We can predict,compulsory birth improvement through technology will surely become the most important development strategy of a state or nation!

Mr. Sun Zhongshan (Sun Yatsen) said: “The tide of history is vast and mighty, those who are with it will thrive and those who are against it will perish.” Birth improvement through technology will certainly become a historic tide,and no one can stop it for any reason. Whosoever,for some prejudice or wrong thinking, snuffs out this great undertaking that is so important to everyone, every family, every nation and the whole mankind, will be condemned as a sinner through the ages.

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