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Christianity has created an illusory Paradise

Christianity has created an illusory Paradise, and designed a world of the other shore, offering people a “check that can never be cashed”;Buddhism has fabricated the theory of “Metempsychosis (transmigration)”,making people believe life is not “this time” or “this generation”,letting them fancy “the great Beyond” or “eternal life after death”. In fact, Socrates could have been exempted from punishment or run away if he had paid the fine, but he was willing to die, because he believed after death he could still discuss things, and could still see those he admired, such as Homer, Thales. The samurais in Japan wielded their broadsword to paunch themselves “heroically”, because they thought they could transmigrate,and be great warriors again…

All those have been proved by today’s science as untrue and ridiculous. China’s ancient thinkers,especially Taoists, got the profound understanding of the “once” nature of life long ago.

Russian writer Ostrowski has a widely-spread well-known saying: “For a man, the most precious thing is life. Life belongs to man only once.” As for the “once” character of life,Chinese were aware of it as early as the ancient times.

“Everyone has got one life and it cannot be regenerated” (Taiping Jing). “After death, there is no regeneration” (Ruan Ji, 210-263, thinker and writer of the Three Kingdoms Period).Life’s “non-regeneration” is absolute,and there is no exception for anyone, at all times and in all countries. Life is extremely precious, just because it can never be regenerated.

The first classic book of Taoism, Taiping Jing, stated clearly:

“The death of anyone under the sun is no small matter. After death, he would no longer see the world again, and his veins and bones would become soil. Death is the greatest loss. Everyone lives between heaven and earth, everyone gets only one life, and no life can be recovered.”

They affirmed the “once” nature of life completely: To everyone, death means the end of all, the total destruction, eternal Finis and eternal ruination! Just because the Chinese nation has a more profound understanding of the absolute “once” character of life, Chinese ancients showed an exceptional thirst for “longevity” and “eternal life”.

Only when you have realized the absolute “once” character of life and realized that death signifies a sinking into the abyss beyond redemption, can you treasure life without comparison;Only when you have known profoundly “All things will vanish after death” can you really understand the core essence of life!

An old saying is well put: “Both Confucius and Robber Zhi have become mote”. Confucius was the greatest mahatma while Robber Zhi was the most notorious robber. Whether a mahatma or a major robber, neither could escape death, and both turned to dust and ashes. Hence,death is mankind’s common enemy. Only by a thorough understanding of death can we have a profound understanding of life. Let everyone of us remember firmly:Life is only once,without return! Our common greatest enemy is none but one:Death!

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