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Chinese Way to Ease Unemployment

Unemployment, this common pertinacious disease of all countries, is also a terrible headache to many people. If you lose the job, namely, lose the right to work, your right to exist will also be affected directly. But this hard problem is not insolvable, either.

 Eminent economist Zhong Pengrong is famous for creating jobs for China, and he suggested four ways to create jobs:First,land exploitation. By opening up wasteland, utilize surplus labor to make forests, pastures, fishing banks and fertile land. Second,road construction. By expanding infrastructural construction, utilize surplus labor to build railways, highways and water resource facilities. Third,human resource development. Encourage social investment for great development of education. Fourth,environment construction. Let more people engage themselves in work of amelioration of the living environment of cities and towns, such as urban greening, city beautifying projects, decontamination and so on.

 Of the four ways, I think the most important is human resource development. That is the fundamental solution to job creation. Make great efforts to develop education,not only lay stress on elementary education and higher education,but also pay close attention to all kinds of vocational education, support and encourage all kinds of skill training and quality training,especially encourage private investment in educational training. What is more important,we are in dire need of constructing a really sophisticated life-long education system,so that anybody may get the education he needs most at any age, in any place and in any case.

 A great characteristic of human resources is the “changeability”; resting on past achievements may devalue an “able person” into a “mediocre person” whereas by training, a mediocre person or idler may become an “able person”. In the new economy era, there is a slogan: “Any time is a new start.” Things are changing all the time. Our era is just characterized by abrupt changes. Unemployment often results from the inability to adapt to the new condition,and by education development we may help people adapt themselves to new environments, new conditions and new requirements at any time. For example, USA takes technical training as the basic solution to employment. According to statistics,more than a half of American people have found jobs after participating in employment training.

 Education development may contribute to the solution of the unemployment problem in three major ways:First,it adds many employment posts,enabling more people to engage themselves directly or indirectly in education training work;Meanwhile, as far the trainees are concerned, it may postpone their time for employment time,which may mitigate the employment pressure;What is more important,it can raise personal quality,so, the laid-off workers may become competent for new occupations and new posts, which can solve the unemployment problem by the root.

 In the era when science is the first productive force, it is easy to find:Of all trades, one trade is special: here, the more people, the better. No matter how many people involving in it, it does not matter at all. What is the trade? It is the research industry. The more people participating (in basic research, application research, development research and so on), the better, and there is never the problem of “over-crowding”. You may respond at once:How difficult it is! In fact,it is not so hard if you look at the matter from a different angle. The key lies in work from the source, education. So long as education is really improved, it will not be a hard thing for many people to go into research.

The present time has given the common people more and more conditions for scientific research. The major “means of production” for scientific research is knowledge. The fundamental difference of knowledge from other means of production is:Any other means of production can only be monopolized: when others have it, you will lose it, and in the period of use, it will be worn off and devalued all the time;But knowledge as a means of production can be shared, and will not be devalued because both you and I know it, or because both you and I have it, or because both you and I use it.

In the Internet era characterized by “all mankind be one family”, it has become easy for anybody to get whatever knowledge and information they need. Today,even an ordinary child can make the atomic bomb by using the atomic bomb design data provided by the Internet! Our time has become a time for individuals. So long as you have a certain academic ability,by sharing wisdom with others through the Internet, you may be competent for scientific research,and the megatrend of future development is just characterized by more and more people doing scientific research.

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