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Chinese Kung Fu in Warsaw – Poland Cup International Wushu Competition Comes to an End

Chinese Kung Fu in Warsaw – Poland Cup International Wushu Competition Comes to an End – Polish Selected Athletes Get the First Place All-Around

Warsaw, March 14: The 6th Poland Cup International Wushu Competition comes to an end in Warsaw “Kewo” Sports and Entertainment Center on April 14, and Polish selected athletes LEIBODECIJI and TUOPUCAIFUSIJI get the first place all-round side by side. This competition is sponsored by Poland Wushu Association, Jingwu Turnverein and China’s Embassy in Poland, and Polish premier MILLER sends congratulations, and Zhou Xiaopei, Chinese Ambassador in Poland, and Liu Xingquan, Cultural Counselor come to the playing area to watch the competition. More than 200 selected athletes from Poland, Russian, White Russia, Ukraine and other countries take part in many competitions, which include Chang Quan, Nan Quan, Broadsword Techniques, Sword Techniques, Taijiquan and Free Sparing.

In the competition, selected athletes are different in level because of different practice time and skill level. The experienced athletes are skilled at wushu routines with their appropriate strength, while, the ones with low level sometimes make mistakes with unskilled move techniques. But all athletes are careful in the competition, which won applauses from audiences. One Polish young man takes photographs of every move and technique of his companion. He is excited to tell journalists that he is interested in Chinese culture, including Wushu, and hope to see it. Ambassador Zhou Xiaopei said in the address that wushu originated in China but belongs to the world. China and International Wushu Field make efforts to take Wushu into 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, and it is hopeful that Polish Wushu selected athletes will gain excellent accomplishments then, Zhou said.

Wushu marched into Poland in 1970s, and is rapidly spread in 1980s. The films in which Bruce Lee and Jacky Chen acted the leading role are influencing in Poland and the two heroes become the idol of Children. Now, there are over 6,000 persons practicing Wushu and a dozen of Wushu associations.

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