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Chinese culture to influence China and change Chinese people’s ideology

While using their culture to attack China and changing Chinese people’s ideology deeply or even overly (reshaping and producing people intangibly), Westerners also make big money from it. Oscar,NBA,Disney,MTV,HollywoodMadonna , Mcdonald’s,TOEFL,GRE,CNN… Each of them has resulted in a huge production value and each of them has produced far-reaching impact on the world. Especially, while making big money, Americans are spreading their concept of values,which has not only conquered the populace and young students,but also overcome scholars and celebrities, even the elite on the top of the society have prostrated themselves before the American culture.

Yet, on the other hand, Chinese culture‘s competitive power and position in the world culture market seems to be shrinking, as if there is nothing in our culture except Peking opera and the Great Wall. The Chinese have not realized that culture is also an industry,and always regard culture as a trade needing sponsoring from others, so, even the traditional Chinese story “Hua Mulan” had to be made into a film by Hollywood. The advertisement sales volume of the whole magazine market of China is only 1% to 2% of that of USA.

China is behind the West in science and technology. But should we bite the ground in culture industry too? If we do not awaken,we shall lose our future unavoidably!

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