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Chinese Character Etymology and Dictionary: Mandarin Chinese Language, Script and Symbols

Chinese language is by far the most common in the world. In this article, I’ll tell you the difference between Madarin Chinese language and PuTongHua, and how to use a Chinese dictionary. What is Mandarin Chinese Language? At last, you’ll have the chance to visit Mandarin Language Curriculum Resource and Teaching Center, and find Chinese teacher jobs. Do not miss it.

Chinese Character Etymology: Difference between Mandarin Chinese Language and Putonghua

What is Mandarin Chinese Language? Mandarin originally refers to the language spoken by Chinese officials who were mainly from Beijing. This language was called Guan-Yu 官語 Official-Language. The Sanskrit word Mandari comes through Portuguese and means commander related to English Mand-ate The early Portuguese referred to these people and their language as Mandarin. The BeiJingHua 北京話 Beijing-Talk Spoken in Beijing PuTongHua 普通話 Common Talk spoken in Canton, the HuaYu 華語 Chinese Language spoken in South East Asia and the GuoYu 國語 National Language spoken in Taipei are the same language with only very minor differences.

What is Putonghua? PuTongHua is spoken by almost all Chinese although 80% of them will speak some other dialect at home. When speaking of Chinese Dialects we usually mean different languages. Often although the dialects will be closely related, If you have not had experience with it, you will understand almost nothing.

Modern written Chinese is a direct rendition of spoken Mandarin. In English we always refer to it as Chinese.In Chinese it is usually called HanYu 漢語 Chinese Language This is Mandarin as defined in the dictionary. Almost No one speaks exactly like the Dictionary. But most well educated Chinese have studied tones, and pinying and can pronounce correctly if reading from the dictionary. See Cantonese, Taiwanese.

Chinese Character Etymology and Dictionary: Introduction and Usage

Chinese Character Etymology and Dictionary provides detailed information about the formation and etymology of Chinese characters in the form of a drill-down etymology tree as well listing of other characters containing the current one.

1. Chinese Character Etymology Explorer is the only web tool in that allows you to visually drill down to the components that comprise a character, one level at a time.
2. Search by character components. Quickly find Chinese character with a specific structure (left/right, top/bottom, etc.) and component (even if the component is not a radicals).

Mandarin Language Curriculum Resource and Teaching Center: Chinese Teacher Jobs

The Chinese language is by far the most common in the world. Employers in parts of Asia have begun to consider Mandarin as much as English as the must learn language of the future. In response to this shift, UMass Boston has established a Mandarin Language Curriculum Resource Center which provides muchneeded training for secondary school teachers of Mandarin working in world/foreign language departments in U.S. public schools. Prospective and current teachers, as well as publishers of Chinese language teaching materials, benefit from this program as it focuses on the creation, implementation, and/or maintenance of a Mandarin language curriculum. Mandarin language certification is also offered to individuals and corporate groups.

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