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Chinese Calligraphy Exhibition & Stone Carvings Inscription from China

Find Stone Carvings Inscription from China, visit Chinese Calligraphy and Chinese Paintings Exhibition. Study Yin Shoushi’s inscription on the Shijiaotu copied by Wu Jingzhou the Chinese Painter. In Memory of Chinese Art Paintings by Artists of Three Generations of the Wu’s Family.

Stone Carvings from China

Stone Carvings from China

In Memory of the Exhibition of Paintings and Calligraphies by Artists of Three Generations of the Wu’s Family

Chinese Calligraphy Exhibition & Stone Carvings Inscription from China

(In lieu of a preface) By Huang Miaozi

My friendship with Wu Zuguang started in Chongqing in the 1930s. I also had the chance to know his father, Mr. Wu Jingzhou, because I was Zuguang’s friend. Mr. Wu Jingzhou was good at paintings and calligraphies as well as painting assessment. I was lucky to have the chance to learn from him. After the victory of the Anti-Japanese War, I was lucky enough to have a look at his collections in Nanjing. It was really an honor of my lifetime. I came to Beijing in the 1960s and Zuguang and Fengxia also came here. They moved to Majiamiao and their father came to Beijing to have his illness recovered. I remembered that I once went to look after him with Mr. Ye Gongzhuo. At that time, his grandson, Wu Huan, was still an infant in his Mum’s arms. I came back from overseas this autumn and Wu Huan asked me to write an inscription on a painting named Shijiaotu (describing friendship) according to his Grandfather’s words. Now, the Grandfather, Mr. Wu Jingzhou had passed away; while the Grandson, Wu Huan has just stood out conspicuously. It is my duty to do something in memory of this because I cherish friendships with three generations of this family.

Mr. Wu was a diligent collector and a learned painter; He was a person of firm, virtuous and with high ideals. In order to memorize my friendship with his family; I write on the painting my inscriptions to cherish.

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