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China Travel Resorts: History and Tour Guide of The Great Wall

The Great Wall

The Great Wall is a gigantic defensive project whose beginning can be traced as far back as the 7th century B. C. After Qin Shihuang (the First Emperor of the Qin) (245-209 B. C. ) unified China, he began in 214 B. C. to restore, extend and connect the fortifications, which the rival feudal kingdoms had built around their territories for self-protection, with the purpose to guard against invasion by nomadic tribes to the north. It took ten years to complete the project. Subsequent dynasties continued to strengthen and extend the wall according to the needs of their own defense.

Starting from Jiayuguan in the west and ending at Shanhaiguan in the east, the Great Wall meanders over 6, 700 kilometers. Badaling Great Wall, for example, is the symbol structure of Ming Great Wall. Wandering through mountains, grasslands and desserts, it is 8. 5 meters high and 6. 5 meters wide. Thanks to its spectacular architecture achievements, the Great Wall is known as the one of the world’s wonders.


長城は中国古代の重要な軍事施設である。紀元前7世紀、初めて建てられた。秦の始皇帝が中国を統一した後、北方の匈奴貴族の侵略を防ぐために、紀元前214年から以前諸国が建てた長城を修復したり、堅くしたり、して、10年間をかけて膨大な整体に繋いだ。其の後、各王朝が皆防衛の需要によって、修繕・再建していた。長城は西の嘉峪関から、西の山海関まで、長さが6700キロ余りある。北京の八達嶺長城は明時代の長城の代表であり、壁の高さ8. 5米、厚さ6. 5米、延々として、世界の奇観とされている。

La Grande Muraglia

La Grande Muraglia è una importante installazione militare antica cinese. La realizzazione risale a 600 a. C. Il completamento dell’opera è dovuto al primo imperatore Qin Shi Huang di, dopo l’unificazione della Cina, 214 a. C., Dopo, tutte le dinastie ricostruirono secondo il proprio bisogno di difesa. La Grande Muraglia ha inizio, partendo da sud, il corrispondenza del passo di Shanhaikuan, per terminare presso il valico Chiayukuan. La lunghezza della Grande Muraglia era di 6700 chilometri circa. La Grande Muraglia di Badaling è la rappresentante della Grande Muraglia di Ming. Le muraglie presenta una altezza di 8. 5 metri, spessore di 6. 5 metri. È proprio una meraviglia mondiale.

La grande Muraille

La Grande Muraille constituent un gigantesque ouvrage défensif de la Chine antique, dont la construction a commencé au VIIe s. av. J. -C., Après avoir unifié la Chine, l’empereur Shihuangdi des Qin, à partir de 214 av. J. -C., fit entreprendre de restaurer, de rajouter et de relier de divers tronçons de murailles en 10 ans pour protéger des incursions de tribus nomades du nord. Après, des travaux de consolidation et d’extension furent réalisés par les dynasties postérieures. Elle s’étend sur plus de 6 700km de la Passe de Shanhaiguan de l’est à la Passe de Jiayuguan de l’ouest, La Grande Muraille de Badaling à Beijing mesure 8, 5m de haut, 6, 5m de large et constitue un exemple des murailles des Ming. La Grande Muraille est considérée comme une des merveilles du monde.

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