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China Travel Resorts: Grand View Garden in Shanghai China

Situated by Dianshan Lake-side in Qingpu County in western Shanghai, the Grand View Garden is a classical garden modeled on what was described in the novel of Dream of Red Mansions.

It consists of a dozen groups of scenic constructions such as Daguanlou(Grand View Tower), Xiaoxiangguan(Bamboo Lodge), Yihongyuan(Cheerful Red Court), Hengwuyuan(Lush Grass Court), Daoxiangcun(Paddy-Fragrance Cottage) etc. Being either elegant, or simple, or secluded or exquisite – they fully embody the charm and mood portrayed in “A Dream of Red Mansions” written by Caoxueqin.

Grand View Tower was the scene where Lady Jia, the imperial concubine, gave audience to her clansmen, while she was back home for a visit. The principal hall flanked by Hanfang Pavilion and Zhuijin Pavilion connecting each other via a corridor, links with the two verandas in the fore-court. In her pleasure time, she enjoyed performances on the stage standing on the side. Resplendent and magnificent, the Tower matched the imperial palace in glandeur and splendor.

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