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China Fabulous Landscape: Elegant Gulangyu Island, Garden on Sea

Famed for its grand natural beauty, ancient relics, and varied architectures, Gulangyu Island is one of the most famous Nationa Scenic Spots. It also ranks at the top of the list of the ten most-scenic areas in Fujian Province.

Gulangyu Island, known as “Garden On the Sea” is located in Xiamen city of Fujian Province. Covered in green all the year round, it’s charming, elegant, secluded and serene. A great variety of villas stand shrouded by lush wood resembling numerous jadeites embellished upon a piece of verdant silk brocade. Hundreds of flowers grown on the Riguang Rock (Sunlight Rock) vie with one another for beauty. With the caressing sea breeze, it’s a quite cool place in hot summer. At the foot of the rock, there’s the Memorial Hall to honor the national Hero Zheng Chenggong. In the Hall, exhibited are historical datas showing how general Zheng recovered Taiwan and the relics of the naval battles then. In the vicinity, one can find the historical site of the platform where general Zheng directed the training of his naval force.

Riguang Rock
It’s the summit of Gulangyu Island, 90 metres above sea level. At the hill side nestles Riguang Monastery into which the early rising sunlight can penetrate. Ascending to the top of the Rock, one can see the billowing boundless sea.

Shuzhuang Garden
Built in the style of “Yihong Garden” described in the novel “Red Chamber Dream” it is like an emerald flower set upon the seaside. Popular as “A garden Within Another Garden on the Sea, it was constructed above the sea. Seated in the Meishou Hall and sipping tea, one is so carried away as though floating in a painted pleasure-boat upon the misty boundless sea.

In its excellent layout and novel designs, the Garden harbours infinite variety of changes, alternating tranquility with movements. 44 bridges span the wavy sea. Monkey Cave, and the twelve minor caves of “Maze Cave” all take a grotesque and amusing shape. The pavilions in the garden built half upon the land and half over the sea are picturesque.

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