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China Beijing Tour Guide: Carved-marble Imperial Ramp

The carved-marble imperial ramp. The ramp consists of a 16. 57 meter-long, 3. 7 meter-wide and 1. 7 meter-thick stone weighting more than 200 tons.

石彫刻御路 御路は長さが16. 57米、広さが3. 7米、厚さが1. 7米、重さが約200トンである。

La Rampa imperiale del marmo scolpito. La rampa è lunga 16. 57 metri, larga 3. 7 metri, spessa 1. 7 metri, pesa 200 ton ca.,

L’Allée impériale de marbre sculpté  L’Allée est longue de 16, 57m, large de 3, 7m, épaisse de 1, 7m, lourde de 200t environ.

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