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Brother Sharp Xili Ge Fashion: China's Most Handsome Beggar

Brother Sharp Xilige Fashion Fusion: Who is Brother Sharp? Why is the China’s vagrant popular? How has he become the most handsome and fashionable beggar on the internet? Find the truth here and you may know him.

Chinese Beggar Brother Sharp Xili Ge Photo

Chinese Beggar Brother Sharp Xili Ge Photo

This is a picture of a homeless guy who has been roaming the streets of Ningbo, Zhejiang province in China. Does this man look like a beggar to you? Is he crazy? Does he looks handsome? Is he fashionable?

Brother Sharp Becomes a Symbol of Fashion: Chinese Beggars Group Model

Brother Sharp Becomes a Symbol of Fashion now, it seems. Chinese Beggars Group Consider Him as Their Model. Why is Brother Sharp so popular? Find Photos of 犀利哥 or Brother Sharp. He can be seen donning women’s attire. How weird. Do you want to learn him and become a beggar?

With his tattered clothes, lost gaze and dirty locks, he is now one of the most searched-for figures on the Internet, reported China News Agency. Since the first picture of him was posted on the Internet a week ago, he has since gained a following and was elevated to a celebrity status. Adoring netizens have gushed over his look and even compared the way he dressed to the bohemian styles modeled by fashion icons and celebrities. His lanky frame was said to rival the models, while that unfocused gaze had been described as “deep and penetrating”.

Brother Sharp: Chinese vagrant becomes famous online, encounters human flesh search 人肉搜索

Xi Li Ge or Brother Sharp, a homeless man in Ningbo becomes internet and media sensation. Seven College students from the Department of Architecture of Taiwan Practice University hung around the Taiwan Island and made a living by begging and slept on the street for two days.

Fashionable beggar becomes famous online, encounters human flesh search: “Those sad eyes/that sad expression, the sad mustache, the miraculous godly hair, and that messy hair, all of it has deeply captivated me.” …Recently, a very hot/popular beggar post has become famous on the internet, the post narrating what netizens have hailed as “The Ultimate Gorgeous #1 Passerby Handsome Guy” beggar. Owing to his unconventional, nondescript appearance as well as his original “mashup”, netizens have begun following him, even “human flesh searching” him.

Who is Brother Sharp?

Brother Sharp (犀利哥), Xi Li Ge or Xili Bro, a name netizens give to a cool looking vagabond appearing on the streets in Ningbo, generates overwhelming discussions for the last few weeks, following a post in tianya on Feb 21st, describing Brother Sharp as the ultimate passer-by hunk in the universe. The post got 769,201 clicks and 4415 comments before 12 p.m. Feb 26th. And stories about this Brother Sharp spread widely, making to websites like, Netease,, etc.

Xi Li Explained: What does Xili mean?

Xili means sharp in style here in Chinese. Although people talk about him, nobody knows who he really is, where he comes from, or what gets him there until lately when ongoing discussion, “admiration”, as well as sympathetic voices spread wide and far, and eventually reach Brother Sharp’s family in Jiangxi Province. Cheng Guo Sheng(程国圣),was 90% positive that the Brother Sharp he saw on the Internet is his long-lost elder brother Cheng Guo Rong (程国荣). He soon contacted the website that posted an all-rounded video on Brother Sharp and came to Ningbo on March 5th with his mother to meet Brother Sharp, who was taken care by the asylum and sent to psychiatry hospital already.

In accordance with Cheng Guo Sheng, Brother Sharp is from Shangrao City, Jiangxi Province, China, he was father of two children when he left home for work at the age of 23 and soon lost contact with his family. Now his children were 10 and 11 years old, but unfortunately his wife was killed in a car accident last year. Cheng Guo Sheng also mentioned that Brother Sharp was healthy and alright when he left, not clear why he was deliriously living on the street.

Brother Sharp is with his family finally, after 0ver 10 years of separation. Gone is the days when he has to drift on the streets, feeding from foods in garbage, and more importantly being teased as amusement. This post is a throughout introduction about this seek-after figure on Chinese Internet.

Brother Sharp Xilige fever: Who is Brother Sharp? Why is the China’s vagrant so popular? How has he become the most handsome and fashionable beggar on the internet? Maybe you will tell.

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