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Bra Color Scandal Video: Hot Chinese Girl in Public Bus

Bra Color Scandal refers to a hot video about a Shanghai bus incident spread online recently. Its female main role, a Shanghai girl used her cell phone in front of her chest to swipe card for taking bus. The following aunt who looked like about 50 years old did the same things as the female actress did. However, the aunt failed to swipe card and had a quarrel with bus driver.

Hot Chinese Girl Bra Color Photo

Hot Chinese Girl Bra Color Photo

Bra Color Scandal Video: A Shanghai Girl and Public Bus Incident

As it was full of comic material and smooth screen, the netizen suspected it to be the products of director and it might be a hype of seller to promote the consumption of swiping card of mobile phone.

In fact, we needn’t get entangled with the authenticity of the video. Even though it is a kind of advertisement, we still have the admiration for its originality. If It is not, we also need remind our citizens that as the going of our country, we will not be dazzled by the consumption of swiping card of cell phone.

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